Prayer for Guidance (4e Ritual)

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Prayer for Guidance[edit]

It is time to get down on our knees and pray to the highest power for guidance...

Level: 3 Component Cost: 100 gp and holy symbol focus
Category: Divination Market Price: 500 gp
Time: 1 Hour Key Skill: Religion
Duration: Instantaneous

By lighting incense, focusing on a holy symbol, kneeling, and praying a single question, your god will subtly answer it in an indirect manner. The question asked must be one that could have been answered on your own with a successful skill check (such as History, Dungeoneering, or similar), but that you have failed. Upon completion of the ritual, you may make the skill check again, per the rules regarding "further information coming to light", except with a +5 bonus to the check.

If this new skill check also fails, your deity will attempt to help you further. If you are within an hour's walk of someone who knows the answer to your question, you may now make a moderate DC streetwise check with a +5 divine bonus to find this person, and will be granted a +5 bonus to your diplomacy check to have the person answer your question. If there is no one within range, the deity will cause an obscure omen for you to witness. You may make a moderate DC religion check to correctly interpret the omen with your deity's answer to your question.

If all this fails, you may not repeat this ritual for the same question again.

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