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Drakon Blood Binding[edit]

The blood of a Dragon enters through your skin at the choice points in your body, you feel the power of thousands of years and hundreds of warriors course through you.

Level: 10 Component Cost: 100,000
Category: Binding Market Price: 50,000,000
Time: 2 Hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 1d6+1 Hours


A Drakon is a mortal whom has taken the soul binding pact of the Drakon to become a warrior of the battlefield and the battlefield alone. Drakon can be of any sentient race, but are commonly Human, or other races that lust for the power that the Drakon provides. The tomes to create a Drakon are scattered throughout the planes. These tomes were originally written by mages whom wanted to become like the Dragonborn for both their strength and deep connection to Dragons. These rituals ended up working, but were slowly scattered among the planes. These highly detailed instruction books would allow any ritual caster to preform the Drakon Blood Binding ritual, however the circumstances are difficult to come by. The one becoming a Drakon must not have eaten or slept for a full day before the ritual begins, or they die by the corresponding Dragons type midway through the ritual.


A large assortment of materials, costing 100,000 gold pieces are required to cast the ritual, not including the cost of the tome. Dragon bones and teeth with enchantments described in the tome must be created before the ritual. 60,000 gold worth of Residuum is required for a brew, also described in the tome, to keep the Drakon's soul intact after the ritual has been completed, if this is not completed to exact specifications, the Drakon will go wild, becoming uncontrollable.

The Ritual[edit]

Enough Dragon's blood for the to be Drakon to soak completely submerged, and then some, is required. Throughout the ritual, the blood will boil, so extra blood is required to keep the ritual from backfiring. This blood most commonly comes from a just slain Dragon, for the amount that would be given by a willing Dragon would commonly kill it from blood loss. Once the blood has been removed from the body, or the Dragon has been slain, it is only good for 1d4+1 hours before becoming useless. As long as the ritual is started immediately after the blood has been taken, it will not fail halfway though, since the ritual lasts two (2) hours. As long as the subject is completely submerged the entire ritual that aspect will be upheld, whether the blood is being contained in a basin or the Dragon's body itself. The ritual caster will need to use the bones and teeth from preparation to make instructed incision and cuts on the subject to allow the Dragon blood to enter their body as the ritual is carried out.

After the Final Words are Said[edit]

Once the entire dialogue of the ritual is complete, there are few signs to know that it has actually worked, since it takes 1d6+1 hours for the soul and body to realign, since they are now one vessel. The Drakon should exit the blood bath and place their bloodied hand on the final page of the tome, hence signing the pact of the Drakon. The book will then destroy itself, particular to the type of Dragon that was just used (Ex. a Black Dragon's blood would cause the book to melt into a pool of acid, a Silver Dragon's would freeze over and shatter away in the spell caster's hands, while a Brass Dragon's would light on fire, consuming the tome in that manner). Although the alignment of the Dragon will not directly affect the Drakon's alignment, it may in time if they do not keep themselves under control and stick to their moral codes, if any.

The Drakon Duel[edit]

The goal of a Drakon is to challenge other Drakon, any opposing Dragon, and any other worthy adversary. Drakon generally prefer one on one combat with any such opponent with no involvement with any other group member. When such a direct fight between the two indiduals, a Drakon Duel occurs. The two engage in a life or death fight with both strict rules and devastation for the loser. After the duel commences, the loser's soul, and any that they had already won, are transferred unto the winner. The loser's soul is now in limbo, not in the Astral Plane, nor in any state of existence really. They merely provide the Drakon who beat them with a larger reserve of power to derive from and to challenge more powerful adversaries with.

The stats of the Drakon will be put up later in correspondence with this ritual.

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