Plague of Serpents (4e Ritual)

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Plague of Serpents[edit]

Snakes in the area will reproduce like mad.

Level: 10 Component Cost: 400 gp plus a Ziggurat focus
Category: Creation Market Price: 1,000 gp
Time: 1 week Key Skill: Nature or Religion
Duration: 1 year

This ritual makes all serpents in an area with a diameter equal to your skill check in miles reproduce with amazing speed. Every two weeks each snake in the area will grow a head at its tail and then split in two, effectively doubling the snake population each time. As the affected area quickly has so many snakes that it cannot support the population, they spread outward until the population dwindles to a supportable level... and then it booms again two weeks later. Thus, the plague of serpents gradually diffuses into the surrounding areas.

This ritual can only be performed at a snake pit filled with at least 10,000 xp worth of serpents in an unholy ziggurat.

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