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Zone of Revelation[edit]

You create an area of revelation, stripping away invisibility and revealing the hidden.

Level: 15 Component Cost: 1,000 gp plus focus worth 2,500 gp
Category: Divination Market Price: 5,000 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Religion
Duration: 1 hour

Using this ritual, you create a zone that reveals hidden, invisible and extraplanar creatures and objects within it, including those on coexistent planes but in parallel locations, making them visible but translucent. This zone also reveals scrying sensors and gives creatures within it a bonus to Perception checks to notice hiding creatures, hidden or secret doors, traps and other concealed features or hazards.

At least one minute before the zone expires, you can extend for one hour it by performing a short (one minute) reprise of this ritual. You must spend the normal component cost, but may continue to use your original Religion check result.

The zone covers only a contiguous area and does not go beyond closed doors, around corners or the like. The size of the zone protected and the bonus to Perception checks that creatures gain within the zone is determined by your Religion check:

Religion Check Perception Bonus Area of Effect
9 or lower +2 Up to 4 x 4 squares, and up to 2 squares high
10-19 +5 Up to 6 x 6 squares, and up to 3 squares high
20-29 +8 Up to 10 x 10 squares, and up to 4 squares high
30-39 +12 Up to 15 x 15 squares, and up to 5 squares high
40 or higher +15 Up to 20 x 20 squares, and up to 6 squares high

Focus: A lens-shaped diamond worth at least 2,500 gp.

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