Magic Seed (4e Ritual)

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Magic Seed[edit]

A tree raises out of the ground. "Guess where we're camping?"

Level: 6 Component Cost: 70 gp
Category: Creation Market Price: 360 gp
Time: 10 min Key Skill: Nature
Duration: Permanent

You cause a Large tree to rise from the ground. The 2×2×2 area must be unoccupied and free of obstructions, and the ground must be natural rock or earth. The tree's structure and foliage can be of any natural non-harmful type, granting bonuses as determined by the nature check.

Nature Check Benefits
9 or lower Climb with a DC 10 Athletics check.
10–24 Climb with a DC 5 Athletics check; can be used as shelter for five people, suitable for a campsite.
25–39 As above; provides concealment for creatures camping within.
40 or higher As above; provides partial cover for creatures camping within; bears edible fruit that if harvested provides enough sustenance for five people for one week.

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