Appeal to the Masses (4e Ritual)

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Appeal to the Masses[edit]

This ritual lets you reach out to the people- all of the people.

Level: 25 Component Cost: 30,000 gp, plus 1 gp per target
Category: Creation Market Price: 225,000 gp
Time: 4 hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Instantaneous

With this ritual, you issue a sending of up to fifty words to a large group of people, perhaps as large as every sentient being within range. You may specify up to three conditions identifying the chosen recipients- e.g. “every human male citizen of Fandelose”. In addition, each recipient also gains one gold piece (the total of which is added to the component cost). The maximum range of the message and gold depends on your Arcana check. The effectiveness of your message may be determined by the GM based on a Diplomacy check.

Arcana Check Maximum Range
9 or lower 50 miles
10-19 100 miles
20-29 250 miles
30-39 500 miles
40+ 1,000 miles

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