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Create Mundane Item[edit]

You see a blinding flash, and suddenly the ritual site before you is gone, and in its place sits a simple wooden chair.

Level: 3 Component Cost: Special
Category: Creation Market Price: 125gp
Time: 20 Minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Permanent

A single mundane object that can fit in a 10-foot cube is created as if from thin air. The component cost is twice the cost of the item, or the raw materials involved in creation of the item. In cases where there is no price listing for the item you wish to create, the DM determines the cost. If using a mundane object as a focus, this ritual can create replicas. This ritual can only create imperfect replicas of complex objects (Keys, parchment with writing, most exotic weaponry, ect.), but can create perfect replicas of simple objects (Shield with simple design, simple and martial weapons, ect.) what is and isn't a complex object is up to the DM. if attempting to replicate a complex item, roll an Arcana check with a -6 modifier.

Arcane Check Result Result Perception Check to notice Replica is fake
1-4 Replica is an amorphous blob of raw materials Automatically Detect
5-11 Replica barely resembles Original, missing large chunks of material, being heavily twisted and bent, and having all sharp edges rounded or blunted. No detail is preserved. Automatically Detect
12-21 Replica is noticeably botched, missing small chunks of materials and having massive scratches slight deformations in various areas. Litte detail is preserved. DC 5
22-40 Replica is mildly damaged, only containing small scratches and warping in areas where material is especially thin or brittle. Great detail is preserved. DC 17
41+ Replica contains miniscule imperfections, containing only the mildest of warping. Most detail is preserved. DC 29

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