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Ooze Communion[edit]

You enter a state of communion with a nearby ooze.

Level: 15 Component Cost: 1,000 gp
Category: Divination Market Price: 5,000 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Dungeoneering (no check)
Duration: 8 hour or until the ooze takes damage

This unusual ritual requires special rare crystals, cave slimes and other similar substances as components and uses Dungeoneering as its key ability (although there is no check). When you perform it, your mind leaves your body and becomes one with an ooze within your line of sight. The target must be willing, helpless or immobile and unaware of your presence for the entire casting time of the ritual. Additionally, you must have line of sight to it for the entire casting time. Your body is helpless while the ritual lasts, but you are immediately aware of any damage or conditions that affect it.

While your mind is one with the ooze, you are aware of its abilities and statistics. While you do not control its actions, you ride along as an observer and can maintain the ritual at any distance, as long as the ooze is on the same plane as your body. You can spend a minor action at any time to end the ritual's effect. In addition, the effect ends if the ooze takes damage or after 8 hours. When you return to your body, you are instantly and fully aware of your surroundings.

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