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Implant Cybernetics[edit]

You fuse together flesh and metal; nerves and wire.

Level: 6 Component Cost: 150 gp plus the cybernetic item to be implanted.
Category: Restoration Market Price: 360 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Heal
Duration: Instantaneous

The Implant Cybernetic ritual permanently attaches a piece of cybernetic equipment to the subject. To implant a prosthetic limb or organ, the original body part is removed as part of this ritual. This is risky procedure, as the subject's body may reject the cybernetic item: in the case of attempting to replace a critical body organ, this will kill the subject.

Upon completing the ritual, make a Heal check, using the level of the cybernetic implant as a penalty to this check.

On a check result of 0 or lower, the subject's body rejects the implant. Refer to the implant's information for the drawbacks of the rejection. The drawbacks last until the ritual is successfully performed with a different implant for that slot, or until the body part can be regenerated by other means. In addition, the subject takes damage equal to their maximum hit points.

On a check result of 1—9 or lower, the implant is successful but the subject takes damage equal to one-half of their maximum hit points.

On a check result of 10 or higher, the implant is successful with no penalties. In addition, the subject can choose to permanently loose one healing surge and gain the implant's Machine bonus.

Cybernetic Implants
Name Description

Machine Bonus[edit]

Each time a living creature has a cybernetic implant attached, they are replacing part of their original living body with a mechanical part. A machine component that is well integrated can grant more dramatic improvements at the cost of some of the subject's humanity. This represented in game by the character permanently losing a healing surge and gaining the Machine Bonus described by the cybernetic implant. This is always optional, but must be decided on at the time of the ritual, and is only available if the ritual check passes by 10 or more.

Creating Cybernetic Implants[edit]

Cybernetic implants work like magic items, except they are feats of engineering rather than arcana. To create a cybernetic implent, the Implant Cybernetic ritual is used instead of Enchant Magic Item. When used to make a cybernetic implant, the Implant Cybernetic ritual takes 24 hours to complete and requires mechanical components equal to the cost of the item being created. No check is required.

A cybernetic implant confers no benefits until it is successfully attached using the ritual. An implant cannot be enchanted or disenchanted. Once attached, it can only be removed by performing the ritual again when attach a replacement cybernetic; if no replacement is available the ritual can still removed the item but the subject suffers penalties as though the implant had failed.

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