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Campaign Setting: Hyrule
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Rare: lanayru desert robots, cobbles, kikwis, maiamai, minish, mogma, weapon spirits.
Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic, hatamoto
Opportunist: assassin, garo, mystic, skirmisher, instrumentalist, picaroon
Hunter: shaman, shifter, slayer, trickster, mercenary, sylvan
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Ever since the destructive powers of the Demon King Ganon first clashed with Hylia's Hero of Time, grief and despair has tormented the lives of the peaceful Light World. Even when he was sealed away for the first time by powerful light sage magic, traces of Ganon's evil still lingered through the air. Because of this, none were surprised when Ganon returned millennia ago. This time, Hyrule was prepared, even when hylian researchers predicted that his strength would grow. Knowing of Ganon's inevitable return to Hyrule 10,000 years ago, the Shiekah race built four animalistic machines known as Divine Beasts, massive vehicles the size of castles capable of firing weapons that could smite even the strongest of dark forces. The Shiekah also created an army of autonomous weapons called Guardians, spider-like machines that acted as supportive artillery in the fight against Ganon. Upon Ganon's return, four great warriors were tasked with piloting each of the Divine Beasts to attack and weaken Ganon, while the hero struck him down once and for all with the Master Sword. Thousand of years ago, the plan was executed and worked perfectly.

While this plan seemed fool-proof at the time, Ganon was still forecasted to return 10,000 years later. Thinking that history was just going to repeat itself, King Rhoam, king of the hylians, tasked his daughter Princess Zelda with digging up the old Divine Beasts and Guardians to combat Ganon once again. She summoned four Hyrulians to aid her, one from each of the four dominant races on the continent of Hyrule. The goron warrior Daruk, the zora princess Mipha, the gerudo chief Urbosa, and the rito archer Revali were all ceremoniously bestowed the title of Champion by Zelda, a title that would forever be associated with the four most powerful fighters in Hyrule and the newest pilots of the Divine Beasts. Using the Guardians and the Divine Beasts, Princess Zelda and her appointed knight Link were to defeat Ganon in the same way that their ancestors did 10,000 years ago.

However, unbeknownst to the fighters of Hyrule, Ganon returned with an ace up his sleeve. As soon as the battle began, Ganon assumed the ghastly form of Calamity Ganon (5e Creature), possessing all the Guardians and sending four pieces of himself called Blights to possess the Divine Beasts. The machines that King Rhom wanted to find so badly were now being used against him. In the event that would be known as the Great Calamity, tens of thousands of innocent hylian lives were killed, Hyrule Castle was destroyed, and King Rhoam along with all of the four Champions were brutally slain at the hands of Calamity Ganon and his newly-created Blights. Monsters and Guardians now roam the land, terrorizing Hyrule's surviving inhabitants and protecting Calamity Ganon as he builds up power to destroy the world.

That's where the heroes come in. With the rise of Calamity Ganon, our heroes must take back the four Divine Beasts and defeat Ganon once and for all while they have the chance. Calamity Ganon cannot fight back while he builds up strength, so time is of the essence.

Prologue: Kass the Rito Bard[edit]

If the party makes their way towards the southern border of the Hebra Province, about 300 feet south of Tanagar Canyon, they may encounter Kass, a highland rito minstrel trained by the last remnants of the Shiekah race. He uses his love for music to tell tales of the Hebra Province though song. His song's lyrics hide clues to the locations of hidden dungeons and interesting treasure. On a successful Perception check, one of the party members may hear the melodic tune he is playing and follow it to his location. Players will then find him standing atop a pile of rocks playing his concertina. If this is the party's first time encountering Kass, he will say the following:

Very impressive! Not many can make it up here in such windy weather. My name is Kass. As a bard, I spend my days traveling this land in search of ancient songs. Songs that sing the praises of a hero who beat back Ganon in an age past.

He will also suggest visiting his hometown, as the Rito Village is a hospitable place for adventurers and travelers in need of rest. He will also warn the players about a mysterious machine that has been attacking the village from time to time. After pointing you in the direction towards the village, he will, as he does each time he bids adventurers farewell, say:

May the light shine ever on your path.

Chapter 1: The Road to Rito Village[edit]

The path to Rito Village is long but straightforward. You will follow a lengthy road that will take you across tall bridges, through luscious grasslands, deep canyons, and spiraling rock formations. The path begins on the far-west side of the Central Province, on a bridge directly adjacent to Mount Rhoam and passing over Tanagar Canyon. Once this bridge is crossed, the party will be on a road that takes travelers through all areas of Hebra. The region of Hebra that the road begins on is known as the Tabantha Frontier, a mildly chilly area known for its spacious grasslands, large cliffsides, and windy weather. While traveling on the road through the Tabantha Frontier, party members may encounter Plain Chuchus, Big Moblins, and a tribe of Bokoblins near the start of the path and for three miles afterward. Once players have been traveling on the road for three miles, the incline of the path increases and the party will encounter a large-looking stone with jewels jutting out of it. Upon a successful Perception check, a player may recall that it is a Stone Talus, a large golem made of stone found in Hyrule. Once the party defeats the Talus, they will cross over Kolami Bridge, marking the halfway point on their journey towards Rito Village.

Once past the Kolami Bridge, the terrain takes a more rocky turn and the amount of flora will decrease dramatically. Additionally, the wind speed picks up significantly in this area. Because of the strong winds starting at this point, any creature that isn't acclimated to Strong Wind or isn't a highland rito has disadvantage on attack rolls with ranged weapons and on Perception skill checks that involve hearing. Additionally, creatures that aren't highland rito cannot use their flying speed from this point onward in the Tabantha Frontier. While continuing to follow the road, numerous Chameleon Lizalfos will attack the party, blending into the rocky environment in an attempt to surprise the players.

Once the players pass through this rocky area of the Tabantha Frontier, they will find themselves at the top of a large hill covered in grass. Below the hill are dozens of pine tress and a large stable filled with people of all races. Running (or shield-surfing) down the hill will have the party members enter the Rito Stable, a stable about a quarter-mile away from the Rito Village. Players can spend their downtime here or continue their trek to the village.

Once players leave the stable and continue heading north towards the Rito Village, the strong winds end. Before crossing the first bridge towards the village, the party is greeted by a member of the rito village guard. Players can ask this guard for more information about the village or about the climate or monsters found in different regions of the Hebra Province. Players will then cross over a series of bridges that connect three rocky pillars that jut out of Lake Totori. Around the largest of these pillars, wooden huts are built directly onto the cliff-side, giving players the indication that the huge rock pillar in the center of Lake Totori is indeed Rito Village. Strong updrafts surround these three pillars, and creatures with a flying speed can ride these updrafts to gain altitude, making the final trek to the village much faster. While travelling across the top of these rock pillars, players will encounter various ponds surrounded by trees. Any player that has a fishing tackle can attempt to catch a fish in these ponds. If they are successful, they will catch a Hearty Salmon, a delicious food item and a necessary ingredient for a prized dish in rito culture.

Upon crossing the final bridge to the biggest rock pillar, the players will hear an ear-shattering screech from above. The horrible thing that made that screech was a large eagle-shaped machine that looms over the city thousands of feet in the air. That machine, the machine that Kass warned the party about before, is the possessed Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Chapter 2: Unreachable Skies[edit]

After the adventurers hear the cry of Vah Medoh, Mazli, one of the two village guards protecting the village gateway, will warn the players about the Divine Beast:

Did you hear that? That was Divine Beast Vah Medoh. It showed up a while back. The rito warriors who flew up to check it out were shot down. They say it used to be a divine being that protected the village, but it doesn't seem very divine to me. Thankfully, the thing only shoots at anything flying high up above the village. But still...It's pretty demoralizing for us highland rito to fly so low to the ground. Anyway, don't let me keep you.

Once players enter Rito Village, there are a number of places to visit during downtime. If players wish to continue the quest, they may walk up the lengthy flight of wooden stairs to the village elder, Kaneli. He will greet the adventurers and ask for their help:

Ah, visitors! Welcome! I am Kaneli, elder of Rito Village. You must be rather tough to endure the long trek to our home...Ah, forgive me travelers, if you would listen to this old man's request, you would have my eternal gratitude. There is something that I must ask all of you. How shall I put this...I would like you to deal with Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The giant beast circling above us. However, only a chosen one can stop a Divine Beast. You must enter it and bend it to your will. I tried to explain this to the more headstrong rito warriors, but they wouldn't listen to reason. Teba and Harth, two of the strongest warriors in this village, tried to confront Medoh, but it did not go well. Harth was badly injured. Teba escaped unscathed, but I fear he now plans to face Medoh alone. I sense a great power beyond my understanding in each of you...perhaps you can help us. Please, find Teba. If all of you work together with him, you may be able to stop Medoh.

Now the players must find the location of Teba, taking them on a journey through the other half of the Hebra Province: through the Tabantha Tundra. It is highly recommended that players purchase items from the village before heading out to find Teba. Before knowing to search in the Tabantha Tundra, players must talk to villagers who may know the whereabouts of Teba. Eventually, players will encounter Saki, a purple-feathered highland rito. She will approach the players and point them in the right direction.

Forgive my intrusion, but I overheard you speaking with the elder. It sounds like you intend to help my husband, Teba, in the fight against Medoh. But to tell the truth, there's not much I can do to help you right now beyond telling you where my husband went. He went to a place called the Flight Range. It's at the base of the Hebra mountain range. It's where rito warriors prepare for aerial combat...so I imagine he's gone there to train and gather weapons for another run at Medoh. As it happens, he made his way there on foot this time. If you head north from Revali's Landing, it's a straight shot to the Flight Range. It's a memorial for the Rito Champion Revali...so named in the hope that none might forget the events of that horrible day. If there's anything that you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask.

Revali's Landing is the largest platform in the village. It is adorned with the Hebra insignia and can be found at the highest point of the village, directly adjacent to Kaneli's living space. Players with a flying speed can simply jump off of the platform and ride the updrafts out of the village, but others may need to climb back down to the village gateway to proceed. Once all players have left the village and headed north, they will find themselves in the other region of Hebra: the Tabantha Tundra.

Chapter 3: The Archer's Plight[edit]

Now that the players have entered the Tabantha Tundra, the temperature will dramatically decrease. For those that do not have ample protection against the cold weather, they must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw at the end of each hour or gain one level of exhaustion. The feathers of a highland rito and the Snowquill Armor are examples of things that provide sufficient protection against the cold. Players will also have to fend off ice keese, chilfos, and bokoblins on Dronoc's Pass, the short pathway that leads to the Flight Range. Taking this path is the fastest way to the Flight Range and will bring players there in a maximum of two hours.

When players arrive at the Flight Range, they will encounter Teba, a stern, white-feathered rito making adjustments to his shortbow.

Yeah? I don't know you, and I'm actually pretty busy here. You should probably go.

The players may then volunteer to assist Teba in the fight against Vah Medoh. Initially, he doesn't seem to take the party seriously, as he doesn't think that flightless creatures will be able to take down Vah Medoh.

So let me get this straight. Some random group of adventurers wants to help me bring down Divine Beast Vah Medoh? I'm not buying it. What's your name? (The player(s) may introduce themselves here) Anyway, I'm Teba, but you already knew that. I'm guessing the elder asked you to come here and talk some sense into me. Look-you all seem alright, but let's make one thing clear: I'm not going anywhere. As a rito warrior, I can't rest until my people are safe. There's only one way I'm going back to Rito Village. Once Divine Beast Vah Medoh falls from the sky. If I have to kill Medoh...so be it. Only then will I return to the village.

If there is a rito in the party, his trust in the party will mainly fall on that player's shoulders. If the party manages to convince him, Teba will allow them to assist in the fight against Vah Medoh on the condition that they can prove themselves in ranged combat.

If we approach Medoh recklessly, its cannons will blast us out of the sky before we even get close. So I'm going to need to test one of you before I take you with me. We use the updraft here in this ravine to hone our aerial archery skills. The updrafts are so strong here that a person could just open up a cloth over their head and float up easily.

Teba then sets up eight targets in the large ravine that he described as having a strong updraft blowing through it. The player that is a rito (or a player of the party's choice, if a rito isn't present in the party) must shoot down at least 5 targets in one minute. The player that takes on this challenge is provided a shortbow and 15 arrows, if they do not have these items in their possession.

Now let's see what you're capable of. You'll have to maneuver through the air and destroy five of the targets set up in this valley in one minute.

When firing at a target, the player receives a -4 penalty to their attack roll (or a -3 penalty if they are a rito). If the player is successful, the party may accompany Teba when he flies within range of Vah Medoh. If the player fails, the party will be removed from the Flight Range and cannot return until the next day. If the player destroyed five targets before one minute passes, they are congratulated by Teba.

OK! Come on back! Well done. I was half-expecting you to fail, but you've proved me wrong. You've convinced me that your group has the skills necessary to launch an assault on Medoh.

If the player destroys all eight targets without missing in under a minute, Teba is blown away by your skill.

OK! Come on back! You're...a very skilled archer. It was as if time stopped with every arrow you let fly. I've got to tell you, (character's name)...When you first showed up, I thought someone was pulling a prank on me. But after seeing you handle that bow, I can tell you're the real deal. You must have seen a battle or two.

Regardless of the player's performance, Teba will offer the party to accompany him if the player is successful. The player that succeeded in the trial will also be given a falcon bow, a very powerful shortbow. If any players in the party don't have a permanent flying speed, Teba and a few other Rito warriors (if necessary) will offer to carry them into Vah Medoh's range.

Chapter 4: Final Assault on Medoh[edit]

Teba and the other Rito warriors carry the party up to the divine beast. Before they begin the assult, Teba Wharton’s them about how dangerously cold it is. If they do not have the proper clothing, they might freeze to death. Snowquill armor can be bought a Rito village, and protects against the cold. When the party is ready, they approach Divine Beast Vah Medoh. If any party members are in possession of a Paraglider, Teba tells them that he will draw the cannon’s fire. If they don’t, they must ride on Teba’s or the other Rito’s back and shoot at the cannons from there.

If the party is riding on the backs of Rito, the cannons on the beast will fire out them. However, if any of the party members is flying on a Paraglider, there is only a 50% chance that they will be targeted, unless there is no one else in range, because the Rito are distracting the cannons. The Divine Beast is surrounded by an impenetrable energy shield, with the only thing on the outside being the cannons. When all of the cannons are destroyed, the energy shield goes down, allowing Teba to land onto the landing pad on the Divine Beast. Teba tells them that he got hit during the fight, and needs to return to the flight range.

Chapter 5: Inside the Divine Beast[edit]

Final Chapter: The Battle for Divine Beast Vah Medoh[edit]



Downtime can be spent in many places during this quest. Upon reaching a certain location, there are a number of things that you can do.

Rito Stable[edit]

At the Rito Stable, players can do the following:

  • At the fireplace, any player that is in possession of and proficient with the Cook's Utensils can cook a raw food item that they have. Cooking a food item doubles the amount of Hit Points a player receives when eating it.
  • At the stable's front counter, a player can purchase a Riding Horse for 650 rupees or a Pony for 350 rupees. The prices for the riding horses and ponies include a Riding Saddle that is included with each purchase.
  • Inside of the stable's lobby, a player can choose to spend the night at the stable, staying in a regular bed for 20 rupees or a soft bed for 40 rupees. Sleeping on a soft bed during a long rest provides the player with 5 temporary stamina points.

Rito Village[edit]

When players arrive at the Rito Village, there are a number of places that they can visit, including:

  • The Swallow's Roost. Given the title of the "finest inn on this side of Death Mountain" by the locals, this inn is famous for its "Rito-down" beds, considered to be the softest items in Hyrule. Staying at the inn costs 20 rupees for a regular bed and 80 rupees for a rito-down bed. Sleeping on a rito-down bed during a long rest provides the player with 20 temporary Hit Points and 12 temporary stamina points.
  • The Slippery Falcon. This is the village's general store. Players can purchase the following items from this store:
Item Cost
Arrows (20) 20 r
Arrows, Bomb (5) 200 r
Goat Butter 12 r
Tabantha Wheat 12 r
Cane Sugar 12 r
Sunshroom 16 r
  • The Brazen Beak. This is the village's armor shop. Here, players can purchase the following items:
Item Cost Weight
Snowquill Armor 600 r 11 lbs.
Kite Shield 30 r 0.5 ¼ lb.
  • The Quiver. This is the village's weapon shop. This shop is run by Harth, who fought against Vah Medoh along with Teba. Players can ask him for tips on how to defeat it. Players can also purchase the following items from him:
Weapon Cost Weight
Swallow Bow 350 r 2 lbs.
Feathered Edge 200 r 1 lb.
Feathered Spear 100 r 0.5 ½ lb.

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