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Campaign Setting: Hyrule
World of Hyrule
Divisions of the known universe
Central Province
The Forsaken
The Depths
Islands of the Great Sea
Islands of the Sky
Gods of Hyrule, their worship, and how they influence the world
History of the Light World as known by Hyruleans
Player's Guide
Character Creation
Common: deku scrubs, gerudo, gorons, hylians, and zora
Uncommon: anouki, kokiri, koroks, rito, skull kids, and tokay
Rare: lanayru desert robots, cobbles, kikwis, maiamai, minish, mogma, weapon spirits.
Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic, hatamoto
Oathsworn: champion, conqueror, druidic, knight, forsworn
Opportunist: assassin, garo, mystic, skirmisher, instrumentalist, picaroon, survivor
Hunter: shaman, shifter, slayer, trickster, mercenary, sylvan
Researcher: occultist, technomancer, witch, wizzrobe
Sage: earth, fire, forest, light, shadow, spirit, water, wind, discord
Scion: dragon, fairy, mask, sword, poe
Backgrounds & Languages
Adventuring Gear
Tools and Vehicles
Potions and Poisons
Mounts and Animals
Other Goods and Services
Downtime Activities
Dungeon Master's Guide
This world bears many monsters unique to it
Legendary NPCs
Figures of myth, history, and happenstance
Ruins, dungeons, and temples are littered with various hazards
Marks of Prestige
Epic Boons
Optional Rules
Exotic Races
Fragile Weapons
Optional Actions
Prestige Classes
Recovery Hearts
Targeted Attacks
Quests, dungeons, and storylines ready for exploration
Tables for random generation of dungeons, encounters, treasure, etc.

Work In Progress

Generic Encounter Tables[edit]

Encounters come in many different forms across Hyrule from the forces of evil to merchants.

Roll 1d6 First to determine your encounter type. You may roll the encounter die again and take the lower or higher result to represent increased or decreased danger.

  • 1 Ambush! Hostile creatures attack the party
  • 2 Enemy Camp. Hostile creatures are protecting something valuable
  • 3 Obstacle. Something impedes movement from toll booths to avalanches.
  • 4 Social. Journeymen and other wanderers.
  • 5 Puzzle. Treasure is ripe for the taking for clever adventurers.
  • 6 Fortune. Something good for the party with no strings attached!

Ambush Encounters[edit]

Ambushes are designed to be encounters that challenge a player depending on the level of play the party is at. Players generally increase their tier each time they get an ASI.

Tier 1 Ambushes

Roll 1d10

  • 1 Drop Slimes. Two Gel or Two of the Small Chuchu Variant per party member drop from above, emerge from the ground, or otherwise pop out of nowhere!
  • 2 Keese Hunger. One Keese per party member fly out from a nearby cave or swoop down from the night sky to feed on the party.
  • 3 Bokoblin Blind. One Bokoblin per two party members (minimum 1) fire their slingshots from the cover of a 10ft. by 10ft. shack designed to blend into nature. This cover is 30ft. away with slits that provide three-quarters cover. The back entrance is open, but only two bokoblins can fire from the slits in the shack, so additional bokoblins will guard the entrance, possibly having a key on them to open the shack. The Bokoblins have advantage to their stealth rolls while within the blind.
  • 4 Bokoblin's using their Heads. 1 Bokoblin wil,from elevation, roll 1 Stahlhead per party member, giving the Stahlheads 60ft of movement on the first round of combat.
  • 5 Bokoblin Captain. A tough variant Bokoblin attacks the party with a company of one bokoblin per party member and one additional bokoblin. All remaining Bokoblin will retreat if the tough bokoblin is unable to hurt the party by either missing four consecutive attacks, receiving a status that prevents it from attacking, or is slain.
  • 6 Slime Rancher. One Chameleon Lizalfos attacks in addition to one plain Chuchu or Zol per party member. On even rounds of combat, another Plain Chuchu or Zol comes as a reinforcement until the Lizalfos is slain
  • 7 Stahl Emergence. A gang of Stahl creatures claws their way up from the ground. A Big Stahlfose and one Stalfos per party member emerge. When a Stahl is slain, a Stahlhead reinforcement will arive at the start of the next turn unless 13 HP worth of damage is done to a Stahl as a called shot.
  • 8 Stoned. Two Stone Octorocks per party member attack from popping out of the ground.
  • 9 Chameleon Strike. One Chameleon Lizalfos per two party members leaps from their camouflage. Additional Chameleon Lizalfos equal to the number of Chameleon Lizalfos that leap at the party attack from range.
  • 10 Stahl Riders. Reroll if the average level of the party is less than three. A minimum of four Stalfos each riding a Stalhorse accompany a Stalfos Knight mounted on a Stahlhorse. The Stalfos Knight benefits from the Mounted Warrior Feat. When a Stalfos or Stalfos Knight uses Leaping Dodge while mounted, their mount may move 10ft. as well. If any monster in this encounter is slain, a Stalhead enters the battle on the same space the Stal was slain unless the enemy received 13 damage to the head via a called shot.

Enemy Camp[edit]

  • 1. Bokoblin Camp. An open fire, some shelter perhaps, a tower for a posted watch, but a glaringly obvious treasure chest is easy to spot.
  • 2. Keese Cave. The glint of treasure has made this spot a place for the keese to know where te food comes to them.
  • 3. Stal Graveyard. Clearly cursed land with treasures once belonging to the dead are housed.
  • 4. Lizalfos Hut. A defensive canopy for Lizalfos to defend their less mobile treasures.
  • 5. Tektite Nest. An area where Tektites have overrun whatever used to be here.
  • 6. Moblin Fort. A wooden structure with multiple wooden platforms, bokoblin minions, explosive barrels, archer towers, and at least a treasure chest.
  • 7. Hinox Lair. Wherever a Hinox sleeps. They typically adorn themselves in valuables and weapons that can be purloined.
  • 8. Molgera Lair. A wide territory where the Molgera prowls. Remains of old villages may have some valuables.
  • 9. Gohma Nest. Perhaps there are only larvae, or a more powerful Gohma about. These areas are usually abandoned structures Gohma overruns
  • 10. Lynel Lair. The hunting territory of a fierce beast. Its magical arrows are often found here as well as other terrible instruments of death not currently in the hands of a Lynel.


  • 1. Toll Booth. An official local power requires payment for the party to pass through this section of wilderness. The party may optionally reroute, adding two additional encounters.
  • 2. Debris. Something falls to block the party. They must remove the debris or climb over or reroute for two additional encounters.
  • 3. Storm. Rain or Snow kicks up. Chance for high winds and lightning.
  • 4. Ambush Ahead. Roll an ambush encounter. The party knows that this ambush lies ahead if they do not reroute their adventure, adding two encounters.
  • 5. Lost. The party has lost its way. Add two encounters to the adventure.
  • 6.

Regional Encounters[edit]

Plains Encounters[edit]

Roll 1d8

1. Five hylian commoners leading 1d4 wolves. The commoners mean no harm.

2. Golden cucco that mistakes you for the person(s) that stole one of its eggs and attacks. It can be calmed down with a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Animal Handling) check. If the check succeeds, a DC 17 Wisdom (Animal Handling) check may be attempted to get the cucco to follow the party and defend them.

3-5. Two territorial dire wolves that fight until knocked out.

6=Unusually peaceful lizalfos with a guitar that offers to play you a song about how he was exiled because he liked music for a rupee.

7-8=Lost cucco chick that, if brought along, grows into an adult cucco in a month.

Forest Encounters[edit]

Roll 1d6

1. Kokiri girl in blue playing with a cucco. The kokiri seems to be alone and will pay you no mind if you are peaceful.

2. Five moblins around a fire playing cards. One of them is cheating. DC 14 Dexterity (Stealth) check to sneak past them unnoticed.

3-4. Three aggressive keese. Investigating the area reveals papers written by a sage that tried to summon the keese to study them and was chased by the aggressive fiends.

5-6. Moblin raiding party composed of five normal moblins, two black moblins, and led by a silver moblin. The moblins initially wanted to target a nearby town but got discouraged upon seeing an army guarding it and are on their way home. They attack upon seeing the party, but they are only attacking them for resources, because their tribe is going hungry. They try to steal the characters' food, unused weapons, rupees, or other valuables and then run away.

Tundra Encounters[edit]

Roll 1d8

1. Five Anouki telling stories around a campfire.

2. "Abandoned" igloo. Whoever enters gets attacked by three lizalfos.

3. Five Yeti practicing for a snowball-throwing contest.

4-5. Angry blizzagia on a rampage across an anouki village. If the dragon is stopped, the anouki gift the characters with enough fish to last three months.

6. Twenty or so hylian ambassadors on their way to trade with some Anouki.

7-8. Three moblins shivering in a tent.

Swamp Encounters[edit]

Roll 1d6

1-2. Two deku toads looking for food.

3. Five lost koroks looking for their home forest.

4. Hylian archeologist digging up a fossil.

5. Five fat moblins escorting their king, a silver moblin.

6. Three toadpoli that had their mother killed by travelers and attack.

More coming soon!

Random tables[edit]

Artisan's tool[edit]

Roll d100 on Tools (Hyrule Supplement)#Artisan's Tools. The table is weighted to favor tools that are more commonly used.


See Classes (Hyrule Supplement).

The table is weighted to slightly favor classes and subclasses more common in Hyrule.

If the character's race is goron or rito (excluding the fokka subrace), roll a d12. Otherwise, roll a d10.

d Class Subclass
01‑03 Fighter Roll d8: (1-2) brute, (3-4) darknut, (5) spellsword, (6-7) archer, (8) tunic.
04‑05 Opportunist Roll d6: (1-2) assassin, (3) garo, (4) mystic nomad, (5-6) skirmisher.
06‑07 Researcher Roll d8: (1-2) technomancer, (3-5) witch, (6-8) wizzrobe.
08‑09 Sage Roll d12: (1) earth, (2-3) forest, (4) fire, (5-6) light, (7-8) shadow, (9) spirit, (10-11) water, (12) wind.
10 Scion Roll d4: (1) dragon, (2) fairy, (3) poe, (4) sword.
11‑12 Racial Class

Musical instrument[edit]

Roll d20 on Tools (Hyrule Supplement)#Musical Instruments. The table is weighted to favor more common instruments.


See Races (Hyrule Supplement) and Exotic Races (Hyrule Supplement).

This table can be used to select a random race for generally any purpose: the reincarnate spell, random character creation, or other possibilities. It is weighted to favor more prominent Hyrulean races.

Roll d100. If it is undesirable to roll an exotic race (which may be overpowered, underpowered, or just plain weird), then re-roll any result of 81 or higher. It if is undesirable to roll a monstrous race, re-roll any result of 89 or higher.

d100 Race Feature determination
00‑10 hylian, no variant
11‑12 hylian, fringe-dweller Roll d4 to determine the skill proficiency gained by Profession.
13-14 hylian, royal bloodline For your Cantrip feature, roll d8 and d20 to determine the spell gained. See the sage spell list. The result of the d8 determines the subclass; sort the table by that subclass. The result of the d20 determines which of the cantrips for that subclass you gain. (If the d20 result exceeds the number of cantrips available to that subclass, re-roll until it doesn't.)
15 sheikah Flip d2 to determine if your Ability Score Increase favors Intelligence or Wisdom.
Flip d2 to determine if you gain proficiency in Arcana or Insight from Seeker of Truth.
16 wind tribe
17-22 goron, cave
23-27 goron, mountain
28-35 zora, sea Flip d2 to determine if your Ability Score Increase favors Intelligence or Charisma.
36-37 zora, river
38-41 gerudo, desert Roll d3 to determine if your Ability Score Increase favors Strength, favors Dexterity, or is split evenly.
42-44 gerudo, coastal Roll d3 to determine if your Ability Score Increase favors Strength, favors Dexterity, or is split evenly.
Roll d3 to determine the skill proficiency gained from Savage Piracy.
Roll d4 to determine the Tool Proficiency gained. If you roll a musical instrument, roll d20 on the Musical Instruments table to determine which instrument.
45-46 gerudo, Ganon's faithful Roll d3 to determine if your Ability Score Increase favors Strength, favors Dexterity, or is split evenly between them.
Roll a d4 to determine the spell gained from your Cantip feature, and a d3 to determine the spell gained from your Dart Art feature.
47-50 rito, coastal Flip d2 to determine the Extra Language you know.
51-54 rito, highland Roll d3 to determine the Extra Language you know.
55 fokka Roll d3 to determine the Cantrip you know.
Roll d4 to determine the Honed Skill in which you have a proficiency.
Roll d3 to determine the Extra Language you know.
56-58 korok, flying
59-60 korok, savant Flip d2 to choose between artisan's tool and musical instrument for your Tool Proficiency. Then respectively roll either a d100 for the Artisan's Tools table or a d20 for the Musical Instruments table.
Roll d6 to determine the skill proficiency gained from your Knowledge feature. (Re-roll any 6.)
61 korok, giant
62-63 royal scrub Roll d4 to determine the proficiency gained from your Learned Trade (artisan's tool, musical instrument, herbalism kit, or Nature skill). If relevant, then roll on the Artisan's Tools table or a or the Musical Instruments table.
64‑65 business scrub Roll a d6 to determine the skill proficiency gained from your Manipulative feature. (Re-roll any 6.)
66-67 mad scrub
68-72 anouki Roll d3 to determine whether your Ability Score Increase favors Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
Roll d6 for Erudition, treating a roll of 6 as though it was 5. If relevant, then roll on the Artisan's Tools table.
Roll d8 to determine the Cantrip you know. (Re-roll any result of 8.)
73-75 kokiri, fairy-blessed
76 kokiri, independent Roll d4 to determine the Astute Skill in which you are proficient.
Flip d2 to decide if you are proficient in woodcarver's tools or a musical instruments. For the latter, roll on the Musical Instruments table to determine which instrument.
77 tokay, jungle Flip d2 to determine the skill gained from your Hunting and Gathering feature.
78 tokay, sea Flip d2 to determine the skill gained from your Hunting and Gathering feature.
79 skull kid, free Flip d2 to determine whether your Ability Score Increase favors Wisdom or Charisma.
Roll d6 to determine the proficiency gained from your Musical Savant feature.
80 skull kid, lost Flip d2 to determine whether your Ability Score Increase favors Dexterity or Constitution.
Roll d6 to determine the proficiency gained from your Musical Savant feature.
81 mogma
82 subrosian Roll d3 to determine whether your Ability Score Increase favors Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
Roll d4 to decide the skill proficiency gained from your Secretive feature.
83 parella
84 kikwi
85 fairy of life
86 fairy of navigation
87 minish
88 twili ???
89 big moblin
90 bokoblin
91 bulblin
92 miniblin
93-95 lizalfos Roll d10 to decide your subrace: (1) aeralfos, (2-4) chameleon, (5) daira, (6-7) dinolfos, (8-10) geru.
96 goriya
97 lynel ???
98 poe ???
99 stalfos Roll d6 to decide your size: (1-2) Small, (3-5) Medium, (6) Large.

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