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Campaign Setting: Hyrule
Player's Guide
Character Creation
Common: deku scrubs, gerudo, gorons, hylians, and zora
Uncommon: anouki, kokiri, koroks, rito, skull kids, and tokay
Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic
Opportunist: assassin, garo, mystic, skirmisher, picaroon
Hunter: shaman, shifter, slayer, trickster, mercenary, sylvan
Researcher: technomancer, witch, wizzrobe
Sage: earth, fire, forest, light, shadow, spirit, water, wind
Scion: dragon, fairy, mask, poe
Backgrounds & Languages
Adventuring Gear
Tools and Vehicles
Potions and Poisons
Mounts and Animals
Other Goods and Services
Downtime Activities
World of Hyrule
Divisions of the known universe
Central Province
The Forsaken
Southern Hyrule
Islands of the Great Sea
Islands of the Sky
Gods of Hyrule, their worship, and how they influence the world
History of the Light World as known by Hyruleans
Dungeon Master's Guide
This world bears many monsters unique to it
Legendary NPCs
Figures of myth, history, and happenstance
Ruins, dungeons, and temples are littered with various hazards
Marks of Prestige
Epic Boons
Optional Rules
Exotic Races
Fragile Weapons
Optional Actions
Prestige Classes
Recovery Hearts
Targeted Attacks
Quests, dungeons, and storylines ready for exploration
Tables for random generation of dungeons, encounters, treasure, etc.


Languages spoken by races and creatures dedicated to the Hyrule setting are rooted firmly in The Legend of Zelda series. If a DM would prefer to use Hyrule content in a more traditional Dungeons & Dragons setting, it's best if the languages listed below are replaced with their listed equivalent.

Language Other Names Typical Speakers Script Equivalent d12
Ancient Ancient Hylian, Sheikah Gods, sheikah, researchers Ancient Celestial 1
Anook Anouki, Tundran, Yook Anouki, yeti, ice elementals Common Giant or Primordial 2
Blin Moblin Moblins and allies of Ganon Stal Goblin or Undercommon 3
Common Hylian Hylians and their allies Common Common
Deku Sylvan Deku scrubs, koroks, kokiri, fairies Ancient Sylvan 4
Gerudo Gerudo, zuna Common Orc 5
Goro Goron, Terran Gorons, mogma, earth elementals Common Dwarvish or Terran 6
Lizal Draconic, Lizalfos Lizalfos, most intelligent reptiles Stal Draconic 7
Minish Picoran Minish and other diminutive creatures Common Gnomish 8
Stal Poe, Stalfos Undead, garo Stal Abyssal or Infernal 9
Subrosian Ignan Subrosians, fire elementals Subrosian Ignan 10
Twilit Twili Ancient Deep Speech 11
Zoran Aquan, Auran, Zora Zora, rito, parella, aquatic creatures Common Elvish or Primordial 12
Language Other Names Typical Speakers Script Equivalent d12


Most conventional Dungeons & Dragons backgrounds can fit into Hyrule. Particularly suitable options include Charlatan, Folk Hero, Hermit, Outlander, and Sailor.

Make Your Own Background[edit]

Seriously, picking from a list is really lame. What happened to the days when you made up whatever kind of character you wanted? It isn't difficult to make up a bond, a flaw, and an ideal.

Want a Good Story?[edit]

Work with your DM to come up with a good, enjoyable background.

Want to Optimize?[edit]

Choose two skills; you're proficient in those. Then choose any one tool to be proficient in, and one language to know outside of those provided by your race.

Want Something Fun or Silly?[edit]

Roll a d20 two times. That determines your two skill proficiencies from your background, according to the chart below. Re-roll any duplicates.

d20 Skill Proficiency
01 Athletics
02 Acrobatics
03 Sleight of Hand
04 Stealth
05 Arcana
06 History
07 Investigation
08 Nature
09 Religion
10 Animal Handling
11 Insight
12 Medicine
13-14 Perception
15 Survival
16 Deception
17 Intimidation
18 Performance
19-20 Persuasion

Roll a d20 to determine your secondary proficiencies.

d20 Secondary Proficiency
01-02 Roll two languages.
03 Roll two artisan's tools.
04 Roll two musical instruments.
05 Roll two professional tools.
06 Land vehicles and water vehicles.
07-08 Roll a professional tool and roll a language.
09 Roll a professional tool and roll an artisan's tool.
10 Roll a professional tool and roll a musical instrument.
11 Roll a professional tool and flip d2 for a vehicle.
12-13 Roll an artisan's tool and a language.
14 Roll an artisan's tool and a musical instrument.
15 Roll a artisan's tool and flip d2 for a vehicle.
16-17 Roll a musical instrument and a language.
18 Roll a musical instrument and flip d2 for a vehicle.
19-20 Roll a language and flip d2 for a vehicle.

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