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The world of Grisaire has around 10,000 years of existence. Sapient life began, along with the recording of history, at around 3,000 years of time. The year names are known as "After Primus," or AP.

Genesis Era (0-3,000 AP)[edit]

The time of genesis describes the shaping of the world and the development of life. A lot of myth derives from this time when the gods were still very active in the lives of their creations, and life was exploding and evolving in continuous bursts of unpredictability.

Death of Primus (0 AP)[edit]

Days of the Forge (1-3,000 AP)[edit]

  • 300 AP - Shortly into the time of creation, the Shower of Stars occurred, where meteors rained on the soft surface of the burgeoning world for 10 days and 10 nights straight, according to legend. This is one of the theorized origins of the Uncreated.
  • 1,000 AP - The creation of the Old Ones begins, starting with the Sweltering Guardian, Aeolus. The last of the Old Ones is created by roughly 1,500 AP.

Era of Shifting Waves (3,000-7,000 AP)[edit]

Tide Pool (3,000-5,000 AP)[edit]

Tremulous Age (5,000-7,000 AP)[edit]

  • 6,360 AP - Lozor becomes a united island nation under Emperor Sukan.
  • 6,401 AP - Emperor Sukan dies, is succeeded by her son Iji; her daughter Delu is appointed vizier
  • 6,780 AP - The first jinei were bought to shore after a mysterious island appeared in the eastern ocean. The island is believed to have been a legendary giant stingray.

Era Out of Divinity (7,000-8,000 AP)[edit]

This era marks the end of a majority of divine intervention in the world. While minor boons and such were still possible, no more earth-shattering miracles occurred. It was now that the craftiest of races began to figure their way out in the world and build magnificent and horrible things.

  • 7,130 AP - The Death Pride Prophecy is founded by Oracle Ulissia; Four Riders organization founded in same year

Modern Era (8,000-10,000 AP)[edit]

Modernity bought about a lot of changes as people began to move towards technology. Countries that industrialized faster had an edge on neighbors, resulting in tumultuous political struggles and wars.

March of Gears (9,500-9,650 AP)[edit]

This 150 year period marks the largest amount of environmental destruction, wars, and migrations facilitated by artificial means. The powerful nations of Tasnen, Morkan, and Eskain were making frightening speed in taking over much of Endix, having entered an alliance known as the Premier Force. Races like the cijelese fled eastward to escape, ultimately relocating their city in modern-day Doru. It was not until around 9,600 AP that the surrounding nations had to band together to put a stop to the Premier Force's onslaught. Utilizing the primal energies of the north and south, and the ancient arcane powers of the middle east, the alliance known as the Crescent Chance pushed back the Premier Forces. The fighting continued for about 50 more years before a treaty was signed. The Premier Force became a consolidated nation in the west, known as modern-day Premius.

March Timeline
  • 9,500 AP - Premier declares war on Äschon and Zesh.
  • 9,639 AP - Premier seizes Urrgarda, city of giants.
  • 9,640 AP - Premier invades Dirgutian peninsula in Kharim.
  • 9,645 AP - (Tri-oin) Premier Imperial Salazus dies in his sleep; (Ur-oin) Closed War Room Massacre occurs
  • 9,650 AP - Battle of Bristlebone ends the war; Treaty of Fesir is signed; Premier empire disbanded

9,960 AP[edit]

  • Griks Zalow is recruited into the Premius scientific research force.
  • 9,962- Project Tercera begins, to transform Premius capital Maqi Rex into a moving city. This project is led and designed by Griks.

9,980 AP[edit]

  • 9,982- Project Tercera ends. Maqi Rex is now a living city. Capital relocates from the Lowlach region to northwest Premius in the span of half a month (Tri-oin).
  • The spiger and spiderling races are created, along with a variety of other arachnid creatures, courtesy of Zalow's experiments.

Current Day/Age of Precipice (10,000 AP)[edit]


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