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There are collections of people in the world who are as influential as the players can be, with their own stakes in the way of things. Enemy or friend, make your choice!

Dramatis Personnae[edit]

These are the prominent people of the world, with positions of power and stories about them. They serve for world-building in addition to potential landmark characters for interaction.


Griks Zalow[edit]

By Yanied

A goblin alchemist known for his mad inventions. Griks resides in the upper echelons of Premius' research societies. He is known for being rather obsessed with monstrosities and creatures that he believes are within the famed Arachnomicron of the goddess Resoolt. He created a number of abominations like the spider pig and the spiger race in reverence and zeal. His goal is to find the Arachnomicron for his own twisted desires. Having joined the Premius scientific research force in 9960 AP, he has since contributed a voluminous body to the world of Grisaire's science and technology, branding him perhaps one of the most influential figures. In addition to his obsession with arachnids, he is also known for having designed and led the project that transformed Maqi Rex into a mobile city, made to look like a massive spider.

King Mamjumdar

Mamjumdar is the current monarch of the nation of Kalim.

The Shotgun Princess

A wild warrior, the Shotgun Princess is a title given to a mysterious female humanoid who runs about the woodlands of Zesh which border Premius. She is perceived as a reigning guardian of the border, but she is not beneath using firearms from the industrialized enemy to defend her home.


These are optional characters premade for character exploration. They lack the powers and positions of the previous list, but they add flavor more than anything else.

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The gods have let the story slip out of their fingers. It is ours to control.
Scientist Griks Zalow, Premius Research Convention

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