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Aerzale is a nation built on the innovations of its people. Pilgrims make up a decent number of its population, having fled from Premius and even Engal. It has a mix of terrains, with a coast by the Karis Gulf, as well as a forested interior. Like its neighbor by the delta, Aerzale is downstream of the Ygathas River and thus often receptive to the wastes from the countries up north.

Map of Aerzale



Notable Places[edit]

Capital: The city of Heaven's Hollow is the industrial center of the nation, as well as their brains. Their plans to innovate in air travel originated here, and they also have a good deal of military stationed in the area.


Khorus: During the March of Gears, the capital was moved here provisionally.

Miscellaneous Locations[edit]





Aerzale has a well-renowned population of gnomes, humans, galapians, and owlin. There are sparse populations of dragonborn here as well, who are unrelated to those living on Lozor.



Following the fall of Ă„schon and the Industrial Reformation, Aerzale was re-branded with a matriarchal government. Originally, there was a king. However, following his premature death, his wife, the queen, led the nation through its tremulous rebirth as the world order shifted immensely. Queen Halia was the first solo queen and she established the Crownsguard to protect the royal interests of the country. Following her rule, the queen was given more power, almost as much as the king. Halia named her daughter queen and left her to find a king if she so pleased. Her daughter, Queen Wendelynne, eventually married and split the Crownsguard into a Kingsguard and Queensguard, worried for the safety of her husband. The split of the Crownsguard gave both king and queen a powerful secret police, essentially, as they rank above even the army in status.

Today, Aerzale is ruled by Queen Iria, grandaughter of Halia, and her husband, King Poro. Beneath the crown is the Council of Wisdom, headed by both aristocrats and technocratic individuals. The Council is responsible for overseeing decisions made by the king and queen, revising if necessary, and even debating or reasoning with anything they see as unreasonable or ill-informed.


Heraldry and Religion[edit]

There exists a heavy emphasis on the power of air over the waters and lands. Flying creatures, like dragons and gryphons, thus emblazon many a noble crest. Dragons in particuar are quite popular as figures in legends in Aerzale, and many subscribe to the church of Tarekaya. Gods like Orshiidi and Manus are also honored here for artisans, craftsmanship, and ingenuity.


Royal Conspiracy[edit]

There has been disturbing rumors about the Crownsguard in Aerzale... dark whispers disseminate about the king intending to usurp total power from his queen with his Kingsguard. The mechanisms for this are tied into shadier figures within the government and even outside the borders of Aerzale, hearkening north of the border, to Premius, where dark schemes are hatched to seize the airships produced to start a whole new war on the world, one of proportions that will eclipse that of the March of Gears.

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