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Campaign Seeds[edit]

Some of these are good campaign starters, while others are good segues into a new adventure segment in an ongoing campaign. And then others are more like entire adventure ideas.

Sacrificial Lamb[edit]

The players wake up in a cave, caged in with some other victims of what appears to be some cult. They have to escape before they are offered up to dark forces as nourishment. In the midst of their escape, they become branded by the eldritch powers of the planet core, which threaten to chase them down and annihilate them if they do not submit.

Border Breach[edit]

A breakout of strange undead push through the usual barriers and overwhelm the town the players are currently in. They must fight their way to safety. In the aftermath, they may be recruited to find the cause of this strange uprising. These undead leave traces of a strange, otherworldly powder.


The players are all rounded up and arrested within the same city, meeting within the city jail cells. They have all been accused of crimes they did not commit. However, there are several eye witnesses and wanted posters with their accurate portraits...

Sample Places[edit]

Little Farm of Horrors[edit]

This farm of oddities is located in the Lowlach region of the nation of Premius. It is situated far away enough that they can produce livestock and produce without the city smog hanging overhead. However, as a result of intensive testing pushed by the government, they have come to use a variety of toxic and experimental means to keep up production. Malformed livestock like the spider pigs are common there, and a magic sludge is often used to feed plants and forcibly grow them faster. The waters in the immediate area run downstream to the delta by the Moroxian Gulf, often dirtying the entire local water system. Neighboring nations like Zesh, and the countries in the delta, like Aerzale, therefore abhor these farming practices and often seek to sabotage them. Players could be hired by the farm as guards, or even as saboteurs by opponents.

The Nightmare Candy Shoppe[edit]

Willich Wonka is an eccentric candymaker who has built himself an empire of sweets. After having had his recipes stolen and his trust betrayed by partners and employees, he has isolated himself near the mountains of the Regis Range on the side of Premius. There, he continues to do his life's work, creating candy still, but in secret. His factory hides a sinister secret: it runs on the souls of bad children. This adventure can start usually with players being hired to either investigate the disappearance of children in the nearby Highlands region, or even hired by Willich's competitors to find his secret labs.
Design Note: Willich is a character not meant to be defeated by normal standards, so this is a joke adventure at best.

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