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The Calendar[edit]

There are twelve months on Grisaire, one for each of the throne gods. The months are divided into the Light and Dark months, to describe the changing cycles of the sun. They are named as such as well:

Light Months
  • Hiu-oin (Orshiidi)
  • Tri-oin (Tribore)
  • Sen-oin (Manus Infinitum)
  • Igu-oin (Igu-Rab-Ichi)
  • Dara-oin (Darakan'ta)
  • Ur-oin (Tarekaya)
Dark Months
  • Cha-uin (Charylt)
  • Geru-uin (M'iaq)
  • Roshi-uin (Survelem)
  • On-uin (Ongana)
  • Phleg-uin (Plegothos)
  • Spir-uin (Spire Queen)



General History[edit]

You can read more on the history of Grisaire in History of Grisaire

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