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The 12 Thrones

A long time ago, at the beginning of the world, was the Primus deity. From the creator mind came to be twelve maker gods born of Primus' dreams. They saw their creator as a lazy and unworthy being. So whilst Primus slept, his brainchildren murdered him. From the corpse the maker gods fashioned the world of Grisaire. Taking Primus' bones and spirit, they crafted for themselves twelve divine arms so that none may oppose them, and they each were held in check. Using the last shreds of Primus' scraps, they created the beings to walk the earth, from humans, to elves, and many others. Content with themselves, they now sit upon their thrones watching Grisaire in leisure.

But this lax attitude has caused them to grow as lazy as they found Primus. Drunk on power, they merely watch as their creations commit evil deeds. Made from Primus, their sapient creations contained some of the bygone deity's rage, which made them capable of horrid things. But the twelve gods merely watch in amusement, content upon their thrones. Deep within the hearts of mortals now stirs a pooled animus that schemes and plots to destroy the thrones and the world.

It should be noted that Grisaire is not canonically in the same universe as The Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Ravenloft, Dragonlance, Eberron, Planescape, or any of the traditional campaign settings. By default it is considered separate from them. But of course this fact is subject to the will of the dungeon master using the setting.

Also take caution that a lot of this campaign setting is pure homebrew for flavor. You are free to use official content if you wish.

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Common Knowledge for PCs

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Info on classes in the campaign setting and what roles they play
Races available in the campaign setting and how common/rare they are
Adventuring Gear
Potions and Poisons
Magic Equipment
Mounts and Animals
Other Goods and Services
Additional homebrew feats available in the setting
Spells & Magic
Info on custom spell lists or additional spells available for spellcasters
Background & Languages
Additional backgrounds & languages available in the setting
Downtime Activities
Activities for players to do while not adventuring

World of Grisaire

The World & Locales
Information on the world, regions, and nations of the campaign setting
Time and History
A look of the setting's history, mainly comprising of major events
A look at common societal trends and laws found in the campaign setting
Info on how the plane the setting takes place in interacts and connects with the broader multiverse and other planes.
A pantheon of the gods in the campaign setting, which includes their symbols, their attributions, their practices of worship, and how/if they commonly interact with the world.
Money, companies, franchises and other fun stuff!

Dungeon Master's Guide

An optional page which goes gives a general explanation of the world
An examination/list of monsters found in the campaign setting
Various peoples and individuals that populate the world
List of magical items available in the setting
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in Grisaire
Quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts found within the setting
Tables for random encounters/loot tables/other things
Adding to Grisaire
An optional page for others to submit their ideas, advice, and anecdotes for the development of the setting

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