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There are famous dead people who did stuff. Their records are written here.


One of the legendary sunborn race, Coronius was a strange individual believed to originate from Hagai, though other sources say he came like a ghost from south of the Frontier, in The Wastes, where some meteors landed back in 300 AP. Coronius entered public view only around 7,200 AP or so, after the creation of the Wastes on the north and south ends of the planet. It is believed his awakening was triggered by the god's wrath. He showed an amazing sense of alacrity and mental prowess that served him well when he first entered business in the country of Edim. Eventually, his practice led to him asserting a prominent role in both mercantilism and government in the area. It was believed he would never die.

When the March of Gears took place, Coronius unexpectedly joined the ranks of the Crescent Chance army and showed off a natural skill for directing armies and devising tactics. He was subsequently given high honors as a captain. In his veteran years after the war, he recalled the efforts of many other races that, like him, were atypical, yet played enormous roles in the defeat of the Premier Force. Thus, he spearheaded the international effort following the war to institute laws that would protect and guarantee rights to races like goblins and tieflings.

Coronius' remains were mysteriously found after a weeks absence in a blocked off route in the Frontier. Sunborn do not have normal bodies, so only his clothes were found. Many suspect foul play, but some are adamant he is alive and has merely ventured back to his birthplace. Expeditions into the Wastes have failed to penetrate even a fair portion of its perimeter, so these claims remain unfounded. To this day, Coronius was never seen again.

Emperor Sukan[edit]

She is known as the woman who united the scattered tribes on the island of Lozor, becoming the first Emperor. Born as Miekan Suzu circa 6,320 AP, she was from the Eru tribe on the island's west coast. She disguised herself as a man under the name of Sukan Yizu and wowed the tribesmen with her wit and charisma. Eventually, she enlisted in the army to fight the war against the Ezo tribe of the east. Garnering high marks for her skill in battle, she was promoted several ranks until she became the right-hand man of the tribe leader. Fortuitously, the tribe leader died of illness at around 6,339 AP, allowing her to rise to the seat of tribe leader. Her first order of business was uniting other, smaller tribes on the island to their cause to end the war with Ezo.

Long story short, she succeeded and eventually took the whole island by 6,360 AP. She declared herself emperor of the new country, named Rozore (Lozor is the global pronunciation). Her rule was considered a tumultuous time for the new nation, as she repeatedly struck down rebellions and negotiated with the many tribes to eventually establish an undisputed central power that holds Lozor intact to this day. The secret of her being a woman is said to have been revealed on her deathbed, at 6,401 AP. She confided in only her son and daughter of her identity. According to legend, her son could not hold this secret and ran out to shout it into a well. A frog in the well told the nearby stones, who told the river, who told the reeds, who told a washerwoman, who then spread the gossip around the entire country.

Radical tribesmen in Lozor today resent Sukan for having robbed them of their individual status and regional supremacy. Most historians and Lozorians generally agree that Sukan thought ahead of even her own tribe's good and established the island as a singular collective for their own good. Due to their united front, efforts to invade from Endix largely failed to find foothold. And when the March of Gears was in motion, Lozor was considered one of the largest contributors to combat the Premier Forces' armies. Sukan is largely accepted as perhaps one of the most influential dragonborn in Grisaire history.

Elchius Grizbane[edit]

Born Abzork Tusk Snapper in 9,620 AP, Elchius was an orc exiled early from his clan by the borders of the Frigid Wastes. He was considered too scrawny to survive in the grueling wilds. He found his way to Urrgarda, where he worked alongside the giant-blooded as a hard laborer. At the time, the March of Gears was still raging as the Premier Force warred with the Crescent Chance. Urrgarda, a neutral territory, was temporarily seized by Premier forces, who took all the able bodies they could find, including Abzork. While he was being held, Abzork supposedly overheard plans to mount a desperate attack on the capital of Kharim (modern day Kalim). The young orc apparently helped the war planners by suggesting a different plan of attack down south, along the Frontier, which was unguarded due to the monsters.

His plan worked and granted the Premier Force a foothold on the Dirgutian peninsula. The war planners bought Abzork before the local Premier general, who promoted him among their ranks. Abzork changed his name to Elchius at this time. He proved to be a fascinating and cunning keystone in plotting the course of war despite his young age, pushing the Crescent Chance to near brink of defeat. Elchius was given many awards by the Premier Imperial and advanced to the rank of high general, much to the ire of his non-orc colleagues who saw him as an outsider from a know-nothing race. When the Premier Imperial died suddenly at early 9,645 AP, Elchius pressed for dialogue with the Crescent Chance to stop the fighting, as their troops were worn out, morale was low, and they were running out of human capital to power their war machine. Unfortunately he was one of the casualties in the Closed War Room incident of that same year, when the war hawks murdered all dissenters within the Premier ranks and pressed on with the war.

Elchius is remembered as a trailblazer in redefining the imagery of his kind, having influenced a world-changing event with insight and prescience beyond his age. There is debate among historians whether his suggestion may have ultimately saved the Premier Force some face, compared to their bitter loss in 9,650 AP. However, not all share this rosy view of the young general. Premier Force sympathizers see him as a nobody as well as coward for his stance toward the end of the empire. Nonetheless, a statue of Elchius stands in the Circle of Greats in Premius' capital city, Maqi Rex.

Oracle Ulissia[edit]

The deceased oracle lived in the early portions of the Era Out of Divinity. She gave the Death Pride prophecy and was enraged when people did not take her seriously, pushing her to found the Four Riders organization. Her dead body is preserved within the secret annals in the Four Rider's base of operations in Dansferth, Igribus.

Queen Halia[edit]

Queen Halia was born to a human and gnome couple within the middle class of Äschon back in 9,610 AP, amid the March of Gears. As the war raged on, Halia worked as an engineer within her parent's workshop, eventually being relocated to a royal production facility in the provisional capital, Khorus. There, she caught the eye of King Urthren when he was touring the factories to boost morale. Merely two years later, she married him and was crowned queen. Coming from a working class background, Halia broke barriers and orthodox tradition with the support of her husband. She manned diplomatic trips around the production centers of the country, discussing with head engineers all over Äschon, becoming a bridge between technocrats and the royals for their nation. After her husband's death in 9,649 AP due to sudden illness, Halia assumed sole power in the country, steering them towards development as the war ended and Äschon required massive repairs from the destruction wrought. She set the matriarchal standard for Aerzale, opening up rules to allow more working class specialists into formerly royal-exclusive positions. This set the wheels in motion for the Industrial Reformation in 9,652 AP, which made Aerzale a hub of technological innovation after the fall of the Premier Force.

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