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The following variant rules can be implemented as the DM sees fit. Many of them are for more realistic effects or how the creator thought it would be more realistic.

Primus' Influence (Negative Abilities)

The primal god is in everything and everyone in Grisaire. It is all made of it. To a degree, Primus still influences mortals to this day. The thirst for vengeance is subliminal in the dead deity's pieces, but they manifest themselves in imperfections found in all creatures. The following ability scores are called negative abilities, based on the system from 4th Edition Das Schwarze Auge. Each ability mirrors one of the six "positive" ability scores normal to DnD. You roll for these scores when you create your character, same as with the normal ability scores. The modifier for these negative scores increases the DCs for saves and checks of their correlated positive ability.

For example, Razier the elf ranger has a Rashness score of 12 and an Intelligence score of 14. He gets his usual +2 modifier to his History check to find information on the lost libraries of Ulgulothky. While the normal DC for such a situation was 13, his Rashness score modifier is +1, and so the DC for the check is increased to 14. This can be characterized as the character, while being adequately intelligent, having an impatience that can cost him success.

Such scores are meant to make characters more interesting as well as encourage roleplay of weaknesses. They can also be applied or withheld at the DM's discretion when it may not be appropriate. As prizes and boons, the DM can also grant decreases to these negative scores for players.

Positive Ability Negative
Strength Frailty
Dexterity Clumsiness
Constitution Hypochondria
Wisdom Superstition
Intelligence Rashness
Charisma Cowardice
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