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Siege Equipment

Siege weapons are detailed in the Dungeon Master's Guide p. 255. They are too large to be carried like normal equipment. They require creatures to move them, or are built on-site.

Item Size Cost
Air Strike Small 3000 GP
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer Gargantuan 10,000,000gp-1,000,000gp
Aloota's Man-portable Ballista medium 160 gp
Autocannon, Heavy Large
Autocannon, Light Medium
Autocannon, Medium Large
Automatic Grenade Launcher Medium
Ballista of Chains Huge 4000 gp
Bone Ballista Medium
Bone Battering Ram Large
Bone Catapult Large
City Taker Gargantuan
Couillard Huge
Cube of Confusion Gargantuan One of each Calibri Card
Flame Cannon Large 2500 gp
Glass Cannon large
Heavy Laser Cannon Huge
Landkreuzer Ratte Titanic
Laser Cannon Large
Light Catapult Medium
Light Laser Cannon Large
Mantlet Large
Medium Ballista Medium 1000 gp
Meteoric Soul Flail Huge
Mini-Missile Launcher Medium
Missile Launcher, Long-Range Huge
Missile Launcher, Medium-Range Large
Missile Launcher, Short-Range Medium
Mortar Medium 1000 gp
Pudding Projectile Small Not for sale (Legendary)
Ribaldequin Large
Rock Fists Medium 20 gp
Scorpion Medium (250 lbs.) 400gp
Siege Drill Huge
Siege Equipment Builder Large 50lbs wood, 50lbs stone, and 50lbs metal. This can be alternatively bought with 2000 gp
Siege Ladder Large 25gp for each 5 ft of the ladder
Springald Medium
Strike Laser Medium
Thesalian Piercing Ram Huge
Trebuchet, Variant Large 8000 gp
Warwolf Gargantuan
Water Cannon Medium
Windcutter Ballista Huge 2000 gp
Æther Bastion Gargantuan 1,000,000 gp takes 3.5 years to complete

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