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Wondrous Item, very rare

A Massive Double-Flail made of the twisted Meteor Iron of the Meteor Giants. Their Huge Veterans can barely wield such a device as a two-handed weapon, but any Creature of Smaller Size cannot hope to lift it alone. These weapons are instead utilized by smaller beings atop a rigged tank-like structure and pulled along with hard labor, steam engines, or arcane works into the fields of battle. For any Medium-Sized Group it required either 8 Dedicated Operators with 18 or more Strength or else advanced Machinery/Mage Craft to operate.

The Central Rod and the Massive Chains connecting it to the Soul-Rending end pieces are made from an ever-moving, eternally writhing, iron known as Meteor Iron. The Meteor Iron is adorned in the moving forms of Tentacles and Faceless Soldiers without Face nor Apparel wrapped in the Tentacles locked in a never-ending war. The Massive End Pieces are made as if from tentacles of darkness manifest, writhing together to form a gigantic flowering-bud of tentacles or hellish circle depending on the moment.

The Meteoric Soul Flail is a Huge Object with the following statistics:

Meteoric Soul Flail[edit]

Huge object
Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 20d10 (110)
Damage immunities: poison, psychic

To be fitted into an operating vehicle requires 2d6 days of labor and a means of piloting or maneuvering the finished contraption. (Often it can be made into a vehicle with a reinforced wood underbelly, but Iron or even a Huge Beast or Construct could be used under the right circumstances.)

Soul Rend: Melee Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, range 90 ft., Up to four Medium targets occupying a Space right next to each other. Hit: 120 (12d12) bludgeoning true damage. (This damage doesn't effect temporary hit points but instead cuts through to true hit points) Any HP or Souls taken by this object are absorbed into it, preventing the resurrection of any slain by it.

Soul Feeder: The Weapon feeds the souls and health of any slain by it into a wielder of the Weapon. (The Energy of the Souls reset any Spellcasting Slots or Abilities the Character had, while the Hp first restores true hit points and then adds temporary hit points on.)

Slam: The Weapon's massive twisting iron Chains or the gigantic central iron bar may smack into a foe, in such a case it does 60 (6d12) bludgeoning damage.

Freedom of the Taken: If destroyed the Soul Flail releases the souls of any slain by it, returning them to life at their bodies if still available.

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