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Wondrous Item, rarity varies

Calibri Cards are small playing cards with strange effects on them. If a PC finds one, the DM can choose to give the card a random effect or bestow an effect of their choosing. Each card can only be used once. Use the table below to determine the card:

d12 Card
1 Anti-Missile
2 Bad Karma
3 PRIME Missile
4 Switch Hands
5 Insight
6 Can't Touch This!
7 Double or Trouble
8 Attack Modifier
9 Fireball
10 Beautiful Day
11 Ebola
12 Trojan Horse


  • May be played on any other creature's turn (after they attack).
  • Used once to eliminate any non-magical ranged weapon attack or the PRIME Missile.

Bad Karma[edit]

  • Requires one bonus action.
  • May be played on any one creature.
  • Forces their next magical or ranged attack back onto that creature.

PRIME Missile[edit]

  • Requires one bonus action.
  • Targets any one creature.
  • The target rolls 1d20 and adds their Intelligence modifier to the result.
    • If they roll a negative number, treat it as if it were a positive number.
    • If they roll a prime number (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, or 29), the missile moves to the creature with the next highest initiative, who becomes the new target.
    • If they do not roll a prime number, the missile detonates. Any creature (including the target and you) within 30 ft. of the target takes 8 (2d6+1) force damage and 8 (2d6+1) fire damage.
  • If the missile does not detonate on the creature with the lowest initiative, it moves to the creature with the highest initiative and continues.
  • The missile can target you.
  • If the missile has targeted every creature in play, but has not detonated, it is declared a dud and does nothing. Play continues as normal.

Switch Hands[edit]

  • May be played at any time!
  • Choose a creature. On their next turn, that creature can only use one of your attacks. However, you must use one of the target's attacks.
  • This card disregards any unique spells or conditions that affect what weapons or attacks can be used by affected creatures.


  • May be played at any time!
  • When played, immediately make a perception check with advantage and +2 modifier.

Can't Touch This![edit]

  • May be played at any time!
  • The next time you activate a trap, roll a critical failure, or a creature targets you with a melee attack or grapple, ignore all negative effects and damage dealt to you.

Double or Trouble[edit]

  • May be used on any die roll.
  • Roll 1d20.
    • If you roll an odd number, double the amount shown on the die roll.
    • Otherwise, the die roll is reduced to zero and/or automatically fails.

Attack Modifier[edit]

  • May be used on any weapon or damaging spell.
  • Roll 1d6.
    • The damage type of the weapon or damaging spell is permanently changed that shown on the chart below.
d6 Damage Type
1 Fire
2 Force
3 Acid
4 Poison
5 Lightning
6 Radiant

Font Fireball[edit]

  • Requires one bonus action.
  • Targets one creature, which takes a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw; it takes 4d4+2 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  • This card has no effect on font skeletons.

Beautiful Day[edit]

  • May be played at any time!
  • Used to counteract poison damage and/or the poison condition.
  • May also be used to eliminate Ebola.


  • Requires one bonus action.
  • Targets any one creature.
    • That creature must succeed on a DC 18 Constitution saving throw or take 2d4+3 poison damage.
    • Ebola then moves on to the creature with the next highest initiative and the process repeats.
      • If the targeted creature has the lowest initiative, then Ebola moves to the creature with the highest initiative.
  • Ebola is eliminated either when it has visited every creature in play or somebody plays Beautiful Day.

Trojan Horse[edit]

  • May be played at any time!
  • Targets any one creature.
  • The target carries the Trojan Horse until they deal damage to somebody.
  • When they do, the Trojan Horse detonates, and the target automatically takes 3d4 force damage and 2d4+3 fire damage.

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