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Author Info[edit]

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Current Insane Projects:

  • Writing novella based on Endhaven

Future Plans:

  • Add all TSR game materials
  • Add all TSR novels

I'm a daddy. I squeeze in my writing. My little girl is learning to walk and her favorite stuffy is Miss Jaguar. Kids are great.

I've been playing D&D since I was in 7th grade. I first saw this game while camping with the boy scouts. A different patrol than mine was playing the game, and I followed it with envy. They were fighting Tiamat in a dungeon geomorphs dungeon. Many years later, I am now all grown up, have a wonderful wife, a cutie girl, a cat named Squirrel, a steady job, and a house. I earned a degree in English Literature and Comparative Religion from Virginia Tech. My bread-and-butter is supporting computers at a first-tier research hospital.

My goal is to push myself towards professional-level, finished work. I am very supportive of developing and implemented best practices for this wiki. I want this wiki to be the best independent site on the web, if not the best D&D site period. This will take a great deal of work, a dedication to quality, and lots of mistakes. In the end, all of this work is for the users who come here.

I am the main admin for the System Reference Document. I started porting it in March of 2006, and I am still not done. I may never be done. The SRD is a labor of love, and in my mind, the foundation to building this wiki into a world-class D20 resources. I'm not doing this for me. I am doing this for the D&D community.

My other large project is Endhaven.

Where do I get all the time for this? I am not playing WoW or Everquest, and I don't own a TV.

One of the best pleasures of this project has been all the other folks dedicated to making this wiki a great resources. We've got some sharp folks here, from the sysadmins to the English Major geeks. I hope that this stays a fun ride.


Yes, you have permissions to use my dndwiki entries in your works.

If you want to add any world specific information to my works, please add a header such as:

===Catkin in the Flatland Setting===

Follow that with a description of how my work fits in that particular settings. You can change details, or wholesale rewrite the fluff in your own setting section. For example, "In the flatland settings, all catkin are the giant type with the fire subtype."

I have placed my entries here on the wiki so that people will USE them. The best damned complement that I can get is "we used this in our game and it worked great!" The second best complement I can get is, "We used your stuff, and here's where we had some trouble ..." Playtesting is GOOD.


The general Todo list: Gold Stars

Active Development

Things to add
  • Iron knight's "investiture" form
  • Knight of the Morning Sun Relics and Rituals spells.
  • All OGC for Relics and Rituals.
  • NPC artisans
  • (2008) 4E SRD!!!! (OK. I won't have time, but I wanna do it.)
Ideas (Things to Write)
  • Arcane Disruptor (Jinxer?) prestige class (rogues who fuck-up, amplify, and hack magic)
  • Wayfaring Mage class (low-magic mages for low-magic games)
  • Add example Sensitive (DnD NPC Class) --> Toleria (DnD NPC), a Gypsie
  • Monstrous Human race. (Essentially, a reskinned Orc with a few options.)
Barnstar-rotating.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
I give you The Tireless Contributor Barnstar for reaching 20,000 edits, with every one of these edits being very worthwhile and very helpful. Every single one of these edits has helped make D&D Wiki what it is, thanks. --Green Dragon 01:23, 31 December 2006 (MST)
WMBarnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
The Working Man's Barnstar is awarded to those who work tirelessly and endlessly on the more laborious or repetitive of D&D Wiki tasks. Dmilwski has definitely worked tirelessly and endlessly, changing pages from D&D to DnD. For this, I am awarding him this Barnstar. Green_Dragon
WMBarnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
The Working Man's Barnstar is awarded to those who work tirelessly and endlessly on the more laborious or repetitive of D&D Wiki tasks. Dmilwski has added the SRD to D&D Wiki, a very laborious task, and it deserves the Working Man's Barnstar, thanks so much. Green_Dragon
WMBarnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
Dmilewski added the entire MSRD to D&D Wiki and for doing this I give him this Barnstar. Adding the MSRD was a huge job, and Dmilewki cannot be congratulated enough. Thanks. --Green Dragon 22:24, 25 January 2007 (MST)
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I give myself the "Baby in the House" barnstar. Trust me folks, if you've got a baby, you've earned a barnstar.
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I give you this Barnstar for modernizing the categories of all the homebrew feats on D&D Wiki to match the SRD's categories, which are more accessible, and then modernizing the titles of all the feats to be more standardized. Thanks. --Green Dragon 22:28, 30 May 2007 (MDT)
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I am giving Dmilewski this barnstar for helping with our growing list of publications here on D&D Wiki. He added most of the current publications, quite a hefty task in and of itself, and really is helping D&D Wiki have a comprehensive list of all d20 publications. Thank you so much for helping with this enormous task. --Green Dragon 18:02, 24 January 2008 (MST)
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
For all the work you've done translating the SRD from Wizards into wiki form my hat is off to you sir. Hawk 08:08, 6 February 2008 (MST)


Contributions Completed Tasks
4th Edition Adventures (Endhaven Supplement) - About Planes (Endhaven Supplement) - About this Project (Endhaven Supplement) - Adding to Endhaven (Endhaven Supplement) - Adventures (Endhaven Supplement) - Alchemical Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) - Alliance of the Sun (Endhaven Supplement) - Aq (Endhaven Supplement) - Arcadia (Endhaven Supplement) - Ascetic Order of the Dragon (Endhaven Supplement) - Astrea (Endhaven Supplement) - Astrean Knights (Endhaven Supplement) - Astreus (3.5e Deity) - Atlantis (Endhaven Supplement) - Axiomites (Endhaven Supplement) - Basilus (3.5e Deity) - Blood Alliance (Endhaven Supplement) - Border League (Endhaven Supplement) - Broadford (Endhaven Supplement) - Burning Lands Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Caer Wyrmshold (Endhaven Supplement) - Character Creation (Endhaven Supplement) - Charystan Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Charystos (Endhaven Supplement) - Creative Planes of Alchemy (Endhaven Supplement) - Creative Planes of Generation (Endhaven Supplement) - Creative Planes of Myth (Endhaven Supplement) - Creative Planes of the Wild (Endhaven Supplement) - Crusade of Light (Endhaven Supplement) - Cydean Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Darkwood Forest (Endhaven Supplement) - Dauphin (3.5e Deity) - Dead Man's Island (Endhaven Supplement) - Desert of Aberrations (Endhaven Supplement) - Dragon Empire (Endhaven Supplement) - Dragon Guard (Endhaven Supplement) - Dragon Imperial Palace (Endhaven Supplement) - Dragon King (3.5e Deity) - Dragon's Graveyard (Endhaven Supplement) - Dryad, Darkwood (3.5e Creature) - Dusland (Endhaven Supplement) - Elemental Plane of Air (Endhaven Supplement) - Elemental Plane of Earth (Endhaven Supplement) - Elemental Plane of Fire (Endhaven Supplement) - Elemental Plane of Water (Endhaven Supplement) - Elves, Schandernan (3.5e Race) - Empire of the Magi (Endhaven Supplement) - Endhaven (3.5e Campaign Setting) - Endhaven (Endhaven Supplement) - Template:Endhaven General Footer - Template:Endhaven Near Plane Footer - Template:Endhaven Organization Footer - Template:Endhaven Planar Statistics - Endhaven World Template (Endhaven Supplement) - Eth (3.5e Deity) - Exemplary Plane of Chaos (Endhaven Supplement) - Exemplary Plane of Holiness (Endhaven Supplement) - Exemplary Plane of Order (Endhaven Supplement) - Exemplary Plane of Vileness (Endhaven Supplement) - Far Plane Trading Company (Endhaven Supplement) - Far Planes (Endhaven Supplement) - Feral Nation (Endhaven Supplement) - Ferra Nea (Endhaven Supplement) - Fiction (Endhaven Supplement) - File:Flag-Alliance of the Sun.svg - File:Flag-Axiomites.svg - File:Flag-Border League.svg - File:Flag-Broadford.svg - File:Flag-Charystos-Ancient.svg - File:Flag-Charystos-Dragon Empire.svg - File:Flag-Charystos-WarGoodEvil.svg - File:Flag-Charystos.svg - File:Flag-Darkwood Forest.svg - File:Flag-Dragon Empire.svg - File:Flag-Dusland.svg - File:Flag-Feral Nation.svg - File:Flag-Golden Circle.svg - File:Flag-Great Dwarven Union.svg - File:Flag-Griffon Empire.svg - File:Flag-Mage's Cooperative.svg - File:Flag-Malachite Empire.svg - File:Flag-Oceanus.svg - File:Flag-Pacifica.svg - File:Flag-Phoenix Empire.svg - File:Flag-Rendland.svg - File:Flag-Savage Sea Pirates.svg - File:Flag-Twelve Kingdoms.svg - File:Flag-Zoo of Arcadia.svg - Flintland (Endhaven Supplement) - Fort Resolute (Endhaven Supplement) - Fourth Edition (Endhaven Supplement) - Gallery of Notable People (Endhaven Supplement) - Generative Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) - Glittering Vale (Endhaven Supplement) - Gnolls, Apaloosa (3.5e Race) - Goblins, Feral Nation (3.5e Race) - Gods (Endhaven Supplement) - Golden Circle (Endhaven Supplement) - Great Dwarven Union (Endhaven Supplement) - Griffon Empire (Endhaven Supplement) - H1 Keep on the Shadowfell Conversion (Endhaven Supplement) - Hadean Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Hart (3.5e Deity) - History (Endhaven Supplement) - Iconic Planes (Endhaven Supplement) - Imperials (3.5e Race) - Independent (Endhaven Supplement) - Ironspine (3.5e Creature Overview) - Jade Guard (Endhaven Supplement) - Jade Necropolis (Endhaven Supplement) - Jumbalaya (Endhaven Supplement) - Land of Dreams (Endhaven Supplement) - Laws and Honor (Endhaven Supplement) - Mage's Cooperative (Endhaven Supplement) - Malachite Empire (Endhaven Supplement) - Mercenary Empires (Endhaven Supplement) - Mother of Storms (3.5e Deity) - Myth Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) - Naravacha (Endhaven Supplement) - Near Planes (Endhaven Supplement) - New Heroes (Endhaven Supplement) - Oceanus (Endhaven Supplement) - One-Eye Jack (3.5e Deity) - Oppland (Endhaven Supplement) - Order of the Darkwood Forest (Endhaven Supplement) - Order of the Last Days (Endhaven Supplement) - Order of the Union (Endhaven Supplement) - Organizations (Endhaven Supplement) - Pacifica (Endhaven Supplement) - Phoenix Empire (Endhaven Supplement) - Planar Travel (Endhaven Supplement) - Plasm (3.5e Deity) - Psychotic Assembly (Endhaven Supplement) - Psychotic Charger (3.5e Creature) - Races (Endhaven Supplement) - Red Lady of War (3.5e Deity) - Rendland (Endhaven Supplement) - Restorationists (Endhaven Supplement) - Rhakotian Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Rhakotis (Endhaven Supplement) - Running a Endhaven Campaign (Endhaven Supplement) - Rur Plains (Endhaven Supplement) - Samael (3.5e Deity) - Sambatu Dynasty (Endhaven Supplement) - Sandy Atoll (Endhaven Supplement) - Savage Seas Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Schanderna (Endhaven Supplement) - Shadow Empire (Endhaven Supplement) - Shadow Lance (Endhaven Supplement) - Sky Realms Cluster (Endhaven Supplement) - Sledged (3.5e NPC) - Sonoren (3.5e Deity) - Soul Hound (3.5e Creature) - Stonebrothers (Endhaven Supplement) - Storm Hag (3.5e Creature) - Tasa Kora (Endhaven Supplement) - Teachers (Endhaven Supplement) - Third Edition (Endhaven Supplement) - Thule Empire (Endhaven Supplement) - Timestream (Endhaven Supplement) - To Do (Endhaven Supplement) - Twelve Kingdoms (Endhaven Supplement) - Tythia (3.5e Deity) - Underworld (Endhaven Supplement) - Vandal Dæmon (3.5e Creature) - Venalicium (3.5e Environment) - Wars of Law and Chaos (Endhaven Supplement) - Wild Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain)
Combat School
Assorted magic items
Villain Rules
Atlas1.jpg Dmilewski has helped to hold up and support D&D Wiki. He has donated $50 to buy memory for the server during our first hardware fundraiser.
  • Added info on the Open Game Licence.
  • Move many, many pages with D&D to DnD
  • Started as a sysop
  • Added the Lorechaser class.
  • Created some magic items.
  • Added the Sewer Rats (3.5e Campaign Setting) outline.
  • Created many Perl scripts to convert the SRD from HTML to Wiki. This has cut huge amounts of time from posting the SRD.
  • Added Epic, Divine, Psionic SRDs
  • Ported the System Reference Document. 5 weeks of solid work.
  • Endhaven
  • Incorporate polymorph errata into the SRD. Will strike out rather than delete lines.
  • Review SRD spells for links
  • Created pages for SRD armor and weapons, along with frequent calcuations (and frequent mistakes)
  • Break SRD Magic Items into single entries for each item.
  • Break SRD equipment into individual entries
  • Review SRD Feats for links
  • Review SRD races for links
  • Write script to change HTML tables to Wikitables
  • Change most tables over to wiki format
  • Rewriting the script that processes Monsters. New script will create wiki tables from HTML tables, auto-tag a large number of terms, auto-create category entries more in line with how the SRD uses categories, and generally look spiffier. Expect a flood of reprocessed monsters soon.
  • Convert classes, weapons, armor, equipment, feats, skills, magic items to new DPL Category scheme.
  • Add an annotated list of all List of Official Classes (OGL) (Created link to the WotC site)
  • Add a bibliography of all publlished WotC books. (Created link to the WotC site.)
  • Reprocessed all core creatures, recatezoried them, and linked them to kingdom come.
  • Updated categories for Epic Creatures
  • Reprocessed all the psionic creatures, recategorized the, and linked them to kingdom come.
  • Review Creatures for links. Post reprocessed creatures and psionic creatures.
  • Breaking up psionic items into individual entries
  • Adding LA Adjustment tags to creatures (forgot this)
  • Split some multi-monster entries. They screw up the categorization. Split: Abyssal Basilisk, Drow, and Duergar, as these creatures mix too many alignments and traits.
  • Changing over categories to simpler version and using DPL (dynamic page list) to generate lists. Spells, Epic Creatures, Divine, Psionic Powers
  • Review Psionic Powers for links
  • Convert SRD tables into Wiki tables (I'm at 95% for this.)
  • Create redirects for some multi-creature entires. (For example: Ghast -> Ghoul). Split them if necessary. Split Drow/Elves, Lammasu/Golden Protector, Dwarf/derro, gnome/smirvneblin, ghoul/ghast, and others.
  • Review Divine SRD for links
  • Convert SRD tables to "d20" table style: classes, equipment, misc tables, spells, creatures, combat rules, spells, environment, magic items ...
  • Fix automated pages.
  • Add/expand out automated pages. Added creature types, spell schools, power schools.
  • Add example Lorechaser (DnD Class)
  • Add example Witch Doctor (DnD NPC Class)
  • Add example Intercessor (DnD Class)
  • Reprocess and post SRD epic creatures with creature template
  • Review Epic SRD
  • Update all user-contributed creatures to new template.
  • Review categories for all user-contributed creatures.
  • Explore converting creatures into creature template. Write script.
  • Convert many SRD tables to "d20" class and add class="even" to the even lines.
  • Review all SRD Divine pages for links to spells and items
  • Implement proposed SRD landing page change
  • Convert SRD pages to d20 template: powers* Split all multi-creature SRD entries into individual entries to help DLP.
  • Split all multi-creature SRD entries into individual entries to help DLP.
  • Add align=Always Neutral to animals and vermin.
  • Standardize naming.
  • Review creature alignments categories. Add (Any XXX) categories. Some alignments/tags are just plain wrong due to a bug.
  • Create automated pages for (Any XXX) category.
  • Review category:mount
  • Combine rendundant pages from SRD. (Thanks Sledged)
  • Review findability of items in SRD. Thanks Green Dragon and Sledged.
  • Ported Modern System Reference Document
  • Adjusted hierarchies and MSRD. Made many entries linkable with a # reference.
  • Verify celestials and fiends. (Forgot to add this to some split entries)
  • Merge MSRD subjects onto single pages.
  • Reapply polymorph errata to reprocessed SRD Creatures.
  • Check math on expanded weapon and armor prices. (Thanks Sledged)
  • Expand size adjustments for weapon to all size categories. Check math. (Thanks Sledged)
  • Added wikipedia links to appropriate creature entries.
  • Add wikipedia links to SRD Creature entries.
  • Sort out and merge MSRD Creatures
  • Sort out and merge MSRD Equipment
  • Add Wikipedia links for SRD Equipment
  • Added Razor Boar (3.5e Creature) and Scorpionfolk (3.5e Creature) from Monster Manual II
  • Create links to CR categories from the SRD Creature page.
  • Clean up Cleric Domain lists.
  • Verified that the updates from the 3.5 conversion for Deities and Demigods and the Epic Level Handbook were applied. A few omissions were found under the Cleric domain lists.
  • Review Category:SRD Infrastructure. Add 'shownamespace=false' where appropriate.
  • Review all SRD creature environments. Verify accuracy.
  • Change all environment categories to "Category Environment"
  • Change all Type and Subtype categories to "Category Type" and "Category Subtype"
  • Change alignment categories to "Example Alignment"
  • Reviewed all Type categories. Separated out mixed categories.
  • Rename dragons to bring them in line with standards. Rename dragons from "Color Dragon" to "Dragon, Color".
  • Ported classes from Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad:
  • Ported material from Relics & Rituals:
  • Change all affect categories to say "Category Effect" (such as Cold spell, Evil spells, etc.)
  • Recategorize cleric domain spells and their spells.
  • Added categories for School, Subschool, and Effect of all existing user spells.
  • Standardized editing on all user spells, linked most keywords to their references, and did a general balance pass, correcting issues that were clearly problematic. At this point, it's about 156 spells.
  • Shift spells over to the Spell template on both SRD and User-land.
  • Shift over Epic Spells and Spell seeds to the Epic Spell template in both SRD and User-land.
  • Review Creature Type and Subtype, and Planes for links.
  • Contribute greatly to Random Nation Generation Tables (3.5e Variant Rule)
  • Resorted items. Categorized slotted items by slot.
  • Added many face slot magic items.
  • Converted all the remaining DnDxxx categories to the DPL categories.
  • Modernize Category:Feat. Change all tags to read (DnD Feat)
  • Review all major Category:Feat subcategories. Straighten them out.
  • Recategorize all Category:Feat
  • Modernize format of all Category:Feat
  • Restructured the SRD to use SRD: in all links.
  • Wrote and ran scripts to link most common terms. (This is an ongoing project.)
  • Added an entry for most every WotC d20 product.
  • Renamed every SRD page to simplify the SRD.
  • Greatly improved linking in the SRD for common terms. (In some places, its way too much.)
  • Added about 550 stubs for all WotC novels associated with D&D, fantasy, or SF.

Notes to Self:[edit]

User:Dmilewski/TestCase - so that I can remember the sub-entry syntax

User:Dmilewski/Wikibot - my current bot script

D&D Wiki:Things to do

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