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Tame Wild Animal [General]

You can tame the wildest of beasts.
Prerequisite: Skill Focus (Handle Animal), Handle Animal 4 ranks.
Benefit: You can tame a wild animal. You may tame any wild animal whose hit dice are equal to or lower than your ranks in Handle Animal. Wild animals are difficult to maintain. You may not have more hit dice in wild animals than your total Handle Animal skill. Any animal companion (such as a Druid Animal Companion) counts against this hit dice total.

Taming a wild animal takes one hour per hit die. If you have Skill Focus (Handle Animal), you may subtract three hours from the taming time. Taming may be reduced to 0 hours. In those cases, if the animal's attitude is friendly towards you, the wild animal instinctively accepts you and your training. Wild animals already tamed by others are not wild animals.

For each rank over that necessary to tame your animal, you may advance the animal one hit die, up to the maximum possible for that creature. Advancing a creature takes one week per hit die. This happens as part of normal care. These added hit die may increase the animal's size.

You may advance domesticated animals. Treat them as wild animals for purposes of determining how many hit die you can advance them.
Normal: You can not train a wild animal.
Special: Any wild animal that leaves your control reverts to a wild state in 1d4 days. Rangers may choose this feat in place of the Animal Companion ability.

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