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Moving Between Planes[edit]

Moving between planes is as hard or as simple as the DM makes it. As a DM, you must decide how important this mechanic is. You may choose from among these possible rules, or implement rules to your own liking.

By Fiat[edit]

In this method, the DM simply move players to their new location by fiat. The purpose of this is to make that day's adventure the focus of game play, rather than focusing on travel that may not be interesting. In this system, the players simply follow the gate system to wherever they go. The great advantage to this system is that it introduces no new rules. The disadvantage of this system is that players do get access to plane shift, and sooner or later, you must account for this ability.

Gate System[edit]

The worlds are connected by gates. Most gates are heavily guarded. By using a gate, you can quickly travel to any world which has an open gate. Gates usually cost 50 gp to use, making them too expensive for casual use. If that world has no open gate, then you must walk there.

Walking There[edit]

To walk to a near plane, you must make a Survival check, DC 10 plus modifiers. To walk to a Far Plane, you must make a Knowledge (the planes) check.

  • DC +5 for near plane
  • DC +10 for an elemental plane
  • DC + 15 for a far plane
  • Tiny plane,
  • Small plane, -5
  • Medium plane, -3
  • Large plane, +0
  • Huge plane, +3
  • Gargantuan, +5
  • Colossal, +10
  • Guide has been there before, -3
  • Guide is a native of that plane, -5

It takes one day per DC to walk to another plane.

The DM may include other modifiers.

Plane Shifting[edit]

The plane shift spell can directly move parties between planes.

Most settled planes have anchor points. These points magically attract any plane shifters to them. This makes shifting between planes very safe. This also makes shifting into sensitive areas very difficult. To avoid an anchor point, a caster must make a caster check, DC 25.

Shifting Planes with Magic[edit]

Spellcasters may move between planes by channeling spells. When a caster channels a spell, he expends that spell as if it had been cast. Channeling the spell takes ten minutes per Entry Difficulty of the target plane. The level of the spell must be higher than or equal to the Entery Difficulty of the target plane.

The caster makes a Knowledge(planes) check equal to DC 10 + (2 x Entry Difficulty).

The caster shifts up to four contiguous squares of people, equipment, and animals per spell that he channels. More than one spell may be channeled to move squares. These spells must all be channeled at the same time. This number does not include the caster. The caster need not shift himself. The caster, if he has no more spells of the appropriate level, may substitute three spells, one level lower, to aid the shift.

Although the trip seems instantaneous to the travelers, they arrive at their destination one day later, and travelers are fatigued on arrival.

If the shift also changes iconic axes, the characters arrive two days later and are exhausted. For example, changing from a Holy plane to a Wild plane would change an iconic axis.

If the shift occurs across two iconic axes, all characters arrive unconscious, with nonlethal damage equal to their Total Hitpoints + 1. Crossing two iconic lines is rarely done.

In all cases, the caster himself becomes exhausted.

The caster may accept assistance. Those who assist may channels spells using the same rules listed above. The lead caster must always channel at least one spell.

As plane shift require a great deal from casters, arriving on a hostile plane can be challenging.

Many planes have fixed arrival points, or gates. A caster may either arrive there, at a random point on the plane, or attempt to land at a specific location.

Creature Associated Lines of Movement[edit]

Creatures who have certain subtypes are able to move between planes depending on their type.

Creature Type Line of Movement
Aberration Generative
Air Air
Angel Holy Axiomatic
Animal Wild
Aquatic Water
Archon Holy
Augmented See Description
Chaotic Anarchic
Cold Water
Contruct Alchemic
Demon Vile Anarchic
Devil Vile Axiomatic
Dinosaur Wild
Dire Wild
Dragon Mythic
Earth Earth
Elemental See Description
Evil Vile
ExtraplanarSee Description
Fey Myth
Fire Fire
Genie See Description
Giant Mythic
Golem Alchemic
Good Holy
Hag Vile Mythic
Humanoid N/A
Incorporeal See Description
InevitableAxiomic Alchemic
Lawful Axiomatic
Lycanthrope Wild Mythic
Magical Beast Mythic
Mephit See Description
Monstrous Humanoid Mythic
Naga Mythic
Native See Description
Nightshade Vile
Ooze Aberrant, Water
OutsiderSee Description
Planetouched See Description
Plant Wild
Reptilian Wild
Shapechanger Generative
Sphinx Mythic
Sprite Mythic
Undead Vile
Vermin Wild
Water Water

Planar Aids[edit]

Token of Recall: This magical item takes you to the plane that it is attuned to. You arrive at whatever location is embedded into the token, or as close as possible if the location has changed in the intervening years. Sometimes these token are single-use (follow the rules for potion), charged (follow the rules for wands), or permanent (follow the rules for wondrous items).

Planar Compass: This device gives you a +2 to skill checks for walking between planes.

Roadmarks: Many societies leave markings to indicate cross-planar roads or paths. If you are following such a trial, you get a +4 on your knowledge check for that day.

Planar Events[edit]

Ether Storms: Storms brew up between planes. The plane shift spell becomes highly unreliable at those times. The caster must make a Concentration check to correctly navigate across the void. A mild storm is DC 10, while a full-blown ether tempest is DC 40. Ether tempest occasionally move objects, living things, and sometimes locations between planes.

Change of Age: Planes can move between iconic axes. When this happens, this is called a change of age. The world is now dominated by new forces and the character of the world changes.

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