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Adding To Endhaven[edit]

If you wish to add your location into this setting, place it into the appropriate place. Locations can be large and detailed, or as simple as an island with a fishing hut. Please give your location a short summary as others will need that to know what your world is about. (3-6 good sentences should do it.)

The rules for planes are somewhat different than in standard D20. Plane hopping is easy in this setting. Please read the Cosmology section to see the new rules. The planes run from such standard areas as Heavens and Hell, to new areas such as The Wild.

We have quite a few sections that need work. It's not my intention to write everything about this setting. We have many worlds ready for development.

The only locked section should be the Cosmology page. Once we get the rules worked out for that, we'll lock it. Changes to that page will come via the discussion page. Almost everwhere else should be open for additions.

The current content editor for this section is Dmileski. If you want to contact him, either leave comments under the discussion tab, or leave comments under User:dmilewski's discussion tab.


Endhaven is developed around several philosophies:

  • The setting is adventure oriented. Building adventures for that locations should be easy for the DM.
  • History is the "backdrop" of the game. History exists to give the DM color to his game and to inspire further adventures. A locations should be connected to history.
  • Locations have no set encounters.
  • Any game system should be able to use the setting.

You will note that a location does not have any "level" associated with it. This is different than most game worlds. This is on purpose. In Endhaven, the game world exists to serve the DM's game. Every location is a "set" to build a story upon. How that set is used changes for every game.

Why do this? Many places are never seen in a d20 game because the players never reach the correct level to go there. If we assign no levels to locations, then the players and the DM can have fun in many more locations, leading to more fun.

Location Criteria[edit]

  • Each world is a demi-plane with a central theme, even if that theme is average generic fantasy location.
  • The Worlds should take advantage of the spells, items, classes, and races on D&D wiki where possible.
  • Each World can have its own world-rules.
    • Rule changes for any world should be well focused. See the examples of Planes from the SRD.
    • The way that a character class or combat works in a world should not be changed.
  • A group with a name and a goal is more interesting than a nameless attack.
  • Organizations give your character something to join, or something to hate.
  • Organizations can always give you more villains.
  • Organizations have histories to help you understand who their friends and enemies are.

Most organizations in the Endhavens can be villains. This gives the players a wide variety of opponents and philosophies to encounter. No two Endhaven games should face the same villains.

Threat Criteria[edit]

The threats in Endhaven should not be global. The threats in Endhaven should be local or regional. They should be more "human scale".

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