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The Teachers promote the agenda of good and vie against the Shadow Empire over the course of the Endhavens. They do this from "behind the scenes", supporting and training those willing to stand up for right.

The Teachers's standard is a golden circle around an open hand.


The Wars of Law and Chaos changed Emperor Doleman. In many ways, losing his vast empire opened his eyes to his own blindness. During the war, he rediscovered his moral compass. This was hammered home as the Shadow Empire successfully split the Jade Necropolis away from Charystos. He could no longer ignore this organization. The last war was not over, and no one was left to fight it. He worked with others to reform the Golden Circle as the Alliance of the Sun and to establish a secret society called The Teachers. The Circle worked to resolve the wars of Law and Chaos. He donated his best defended palace to be the home of a school for those who strive to promote good.

The public itself does not know about The Teachers. Those who know of The Teachers do not know who belongs to that organization or where they work from. Even the Shadow Empire does not know the exact membership of the The Teachers, nor does The Teachers know who exactly the Skulls are. The Skulls currently believe that the Emperor Doleman is neutral in this conflict, as he historically been among the most vicious and immoral of combatants. His support of the Golden Circle is seen as an alliance of necessity.


  • Promote the general welfare of all.
  • Teach and guide those to can make a difference.
  • Discover and oppose the schemes of the Shadow Empire.
  • Identify the members of the Circle of Skulls.
  • Prevent a new round of the Wars of Law and Chaos.


The Teachers are in perpetual conflict with the Shadow Empire. They also seek to blunt the worst tendency in other organizations that are not outright evil, but who are (through purpose or ignorance) bringing misery upon others. Finally, they seek to prevent a new flare-up of the Wars of Law and Chaos.


  • Aurum (Great Wyrm gold dragon/Monk 20)
  • Emperor Doleman of the Dragon Empire

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Recover or destroy an evil artifact.
  • Expose the agents of the Shadow Empire.
  • Recover lost magics that will help the Teachers.
  • Escort warring parties to the negotiation table.

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