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Flag of the Mage's Cooperative.

Mage's Cooperative[edit]

The Mage's Cooperative is a very influential magical society. The Cooperative's main duties are to:

  • Maintain Caer Wyrmshold, the great library of Rhakotis.
  • Regulate its members should they becomes abusive.
  • Regulate magical trade.
  • Protect its members from political reprisals and assassinations.


The Mage's Cooperative was formed from the end of the War of Good and Evil. The evil that arose from Rhakotis was vanquished. The forces of good, finding the library quite valuable, formed the Mage's Cooperative. The purpose of this cooperative was to maintain Caer Wyrmshold for all who would study there and to regulate magical practices where needed.

Over the years, decisions of the Mage's Cooperative fell under the sway of Bellicos, a great wyrm blue dragon of the largest size. During those years, the cooperative evolved from a strictly protective organization into one which also performed actions that Bellicos deemed necessary. The more prosperous the Mage's Cooperative became, the more powerful it was for Bellicos. There's nothing so secure (and opportunistic) as a dragon sitting atop a weapon.

The Mage's Cooperative both regulated its members, protected them, and performed various other functions that Bellicos deemed necessary. During the Three Empires, the Emperors regularly targeted wizards for assassination. The Mage's Cooperative acted as a shield against that, holding enough retributive power that few moved openly or covertly against the great wizards. In return, the Mage's Cooperative maintained firm control of its members. The Cooperative could get you great power, but if you abused that power, your peers made you quite dead. Not all spellcasters are members of the Mage's Cooperative, but at some point, the cooperative makes you an offer that you dare not turn down. When it comes to power, Bellicos does not play fair, and his actions have led to some contentions about the Mage's Cooperative.


  • Regulate magic items.
  • Keep the magic trade limited.
  • Keep wizards and other arcane casters from being assassinated.



  • Great Wyrm Blue Dragon Bellicos

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Join the Mage's Cooperative.
  • Break up a magic smuggling ring.
  • Recover rare ingredients needed by a Cooperative wizard.
  • Uncover a corrupt Cooperative administrator.

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