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Crossbow Dead-Eye [General]

You can target vitals and make a devastating, single attacks with a crossbow.
Prerequisite: Weapon Focus (any crossbow), Weapon Specialization (any crossbow), BAB +6 or better
Benefit: Spend a standard action aiming a crossbow. The next round, as a full round action, you make a single attack as if you had made two full round attacks using your full attack routine. You gain the benefit of any ammunition properties to each attack. Your opponent must be within one range increment.

For example, if your base attack bonus is +6/+1, you normally attack once a round with a heavy crossbow, then reload in the second round (without rapid shot feat), and attack again in the third. With this feat, you aim on the first round, attack for +7/+7/+2/+2 the second round, then reload and aim again on the third. If you use a +1 quarrel, this +1 enhancement (both to hit and damage) applies to all attacks. Magics which apply only to your first attack still only apply to your first attack. The total damage of these attacks may trigger massive damage rules.

This feat is ineffective against creatures immune to critical hits, such as undead and constructs.
Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Note: This attack technique compares to a composite longbow with a 12 strength in a normal attack routine over two rounds. The bow requires four arrows. This technique requires one quarrel. As there should be some benefit to requiring three feats to use this technique, this technique reduces the overall cost of magic ammunition, and may greatly increase the effectiveness of some one use magic quarrels.

Note: With the rapid shot feat and this feat you could essentially take 2 full round attack actions AND a move action in only 2 rounds. It would be a move then crouch and aim, pop! Then repeat.

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