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Name Infection DC Incubation Damage
3.5e Disease Preload <!-a number (10, 15, 17, 24, etc) of the difficulty class for the Fortitude saving throws to prevent infection (if the character has been infected), to prevent each instance of repeated damage, and to recover from the disease.-> (<!-The disease’s method of delivery—Ingested, Inhaled, Via Injury, Contact, lists separated by commas, and etc. Keep in mind that some injury diseases may be transmitted by as small an injury as a flea bite and that most inhaled diseases can also be ingested (and vice versa)->) <!-The time before damage begins displayed; a combination including at least one instance of # tttt or #-# tttts-> <!-The ability damage the character takes after incubation and each day afterward.->
Adentitis 12 (Injury) 1-4 days Nauseated or exhausted, possible confused (convulsions)
Anthrax 22 (Inhalation) 1-3 days Nauseated or ability damage (1d6 Con), possible unconsciousness or death (2 weeks)
Blackwater Fever See desc 1-6 days Nauseated, fatigued or ability damage, possible secondary ability damage or unconsciousness, possible death (1 week)
Blood Poisoning 10 Fortitude (Injury), or 30 Will (Ingested, via drinking the blood of a Synpyre) 3-4 days. 1d6 will per day, once reaching zero, victim forgets all previous identity and becomes a Synpyre.

Doesn't affect slimes, undead, or constructs. After 3 to 4 days of damage, the character falls into a deep sleep-like stasis for a day, whereupon the next sunrise the being will change into a Synpyre, needing to embrace the sun's warmth while feeling a passion for power and knowledge unquenchable. Upon Will reaching zero, prior to the transformation, the target will lose all identity, completely forgetting all that they were and affiliated with with only a name. They will have no recollection of past instances, relations, or places visited, as their memories have been completely wiped yet with the same level of intelligence gained from past experiences. If Will hit zero and the victim has at least 5 intelligence they forget all languages and begin with common. This disease is considered incurable.

Botulism 16 (Ingested, Injury) 1-2 days Nauseated or confused, possibly dazzled or paralyzed/ability damage, possible death (2 weeks)
Brucellosis 16 (Contact, Inhalation) 1 week Nauseated or exhausted, possibly fatigued, pneumonia (untreated)
Bubonic Plague 16 (Injury) 1-3 days Nauseated or exhausted, possible permanent ability damage (2d4 Con, 2d4 Cha) or death (4-7 days)
Chicken Pox 12 (Contact, Inhalation) 1-2 weeks Nauseated, possibly confused or Shingles
Cholera 18 (Ingested) 1 day Fatigued, shaken, possibly prone or death (within 5 days)
Cinder Sickness 18(Airborne, Contact) 2 Days to 1 Week 1d4 Con, 1d4 Str, every day 1d6 damage that can not be healed until the disease is cured
Common Cold 13 (Inhaled) 1d3 days 1 Str
Cretoni Fever
Curse of Servitude DC 17 Inhaled 1 day 1d6 Wis and 1d4 Cha
Death Fever 18(Contact) 12 hours to 1 week (see discription) fatigue, exhausted, unconsciousness, and death
Demon Blood Corruption 17(Injury, ingestion) 1-4 Days 1d4 Str 1d4 Con
Diptheria 16 (Contact, Inhalation) 1 week Nauseated or fatigued, possible ability damage (1d3 Con)
Dragon Sickness 36 Fortitude, or 18 Will (Ingested, Via Injury) 3 days-1 week 1d6 will and intelligence per day, once either reaches zero, victim loses mind, and becomes a dragon.
Dysentery 10 (Ingested) 1-4 weeks Sickened or nauseated, nonfatal
Erysipelas 18 (Contact, Inhalation) 1-6 days Nauseated, possible ability damage (2d4 Con), death within 2 weeks
Fiend's Touch 15 (Contact) 1 day See Text
Fossilflesh 24 (Injury, Contact) 5-7 days 1d3 str, 1d3 dex
Foul Bloat 18, Inhaled 2d4 days 1d4 Charisma damage
Giardia lamblia 12 (Injury, Contact) 1 week Nauseated or exhausted, possibly helpless
Gnolt Rabies 35(Injury), 18(Ingested) 1-4 days 1d4 Int damage.
Hemonuntiusitis 16 injury, contact, inherited 8 days 1 dex
Hemoptysis 24 (Inhalation of toxic fumes) 3 hours Whenever under stress (combat, shouting, wounded), the player may cough up blood dealing 1d4 damage.
Insanity 30 Will while in Darkness (Contact); present only in Aum Dungeons. 1d4 turns 1d4 Sanity Points
Kalistra's Affliction 24 (after long ilness only) contact 1 to 2 days 1d4 Con dmg
Living Death 18 DC (Injury [Bite]) 1d4 days 1d4 Con and Int each day until one of these stats is less than or equal to 0. Once this happens, you mutate into a zombie like thing.
Living Rot 15* (Ingested, inhaled, injury and contact) 1 day (1d4 Str, 1d4 Con**, 1d4 Wis, 1d4 Cha**)
Malaria 20 (Injury) 1-6 days Nauseated or confusion, possible ability damage or unconsciousness, possible Blackwater fever, possible death (2 weeks)
Measles 14 (Contact) 1-4 days Nauseated, possibly confused or pneumonia
Mononucleosis 20 (Contact) 3-6 weeks Sore Throat (see text), fatigue, headache (see text), insomnia (see text)
Mors Fever 20 (Injury) 1-3 days Weakened, nauseated, exhausted. Possible death. (1 week)
Mumps 14 (Contact) 1-6 days Nauseated, fatigued
Onchocerciasis 16 (Contact, Ingestion) 1-2 months Ability damage or confusion (itching), permanent blindness
Orc Flu 22 for all non-Orc players, 12 for all Orc players. (Inhaled or Ingested) 1-5 days for Orc or Half-Orc players, 1-2 days for non-Orc players. See Description.
Pneumonia 24 (after long illness only, see description) 1-4 weeks Sick or nauseated, exhausted or fatigued, possibly confused or prone, possibly staggered or unconscious
Polio 24 (Contact, Inhalation, Ingestion) Varies See description
Pregnancy 25 (Contact) 10-17 days See text
Psychism N/A N/A N/A
Rabies 26 (Injury) 1 day Confusion or permanent ability damage, possibly paralyzed or death (2-10 days)
Rat-Bite Fever 16 (Injury) 1 week Nausea or exhaustion
Restlessness 25 (Ingested, Contact) 2 sleepless nights See Discription
Scarlet Fever 16 (Contact, Inhalation) 1 week Nauseated or exhausted, possible rheumatic fever
Smallpox 18 (Contact, Inhalation) 1-4 days Nauseated or exhausted, possible ability damage
Somnucide 18 (contact) 5 days 1d4 str, 1d4 con, 1d6 int
Standing Ovation 22 (Ingested) 1 hour 1d3 Con and 1d4 Cha
Strox 18 2d4 hours Initial: 1d6 Minutes unconscious. Secondary: 1d6 days of fatigue
Syphilis 22 (Contact, Injury) Months, sometimes years See description
Tetanus 16 (Injury) 1 week Paralysis (mouth), possible ability damage or death (2 weeks)
The Teacher Flu 40 (Contact, Inhalation, etc., (close contact with infected persons), by Donkey ability) 4-10 days At first, as with common cold. After 3 weeks, those infected become immediately staggered, regardless of current nonlethal damage taken. After 4 weeks, this disease deals 1 Constitution damage per 2 days if the infected Fairy does not make their fortitude save.
Tuberculosis 26 (Inhalation, Contact) 3-4 or 5-6 weeks Exhausted or fatigued, confused or prone, staggered or helpless, possible permanent ability damage (see description)
Typhoid Fever 16 (Contact, Inhalation, Injury) 1-4 days Nauseated or confused, possible ability damage
Typhus 12 (Contact, Inhalation, Injury) 1-4 days Nauseated or exhausted, possibly confusion or pneumonia
Vampire's Bite fort save 16+cha mod of biting creature (Contact) 1 week 1d6 con, 1d6 str

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