Death Fever (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Death Fever (Enter 'Ex', 'Ps', 'Sp', or 'Su' for parameter 'specialabilitytype')
Infection DC: 18(Contact)
Incubation: 12 hours to 1 week (see discription)
Damage: fatigue, exhausted, unconsciousness, and death

This disease is volatile and EXTREMELY deadly, but is only found in warmer climates. Each character infected received only two chances of avioding death. At the end of the incubation period (rolled randomly by DM with the following values: 1 is 12 hours, 2 a day, 3 2 days, until 7 days on a roll of 8), the character must succeed on a DC18 Fortitude save or begin to show symptoms of this disease. A save failed by less than 5, and the character only becomes fatigued with a mild fever. A save failed by 5 or more exhausts the character and they also experience a high fever. If the save is failed by 10 or more, the character immediately falls into unconsciousness with a dangerously high fever. Every 4 hours, a characer that has not fallen to unconsciousness has a cumulative 10% chance to enter that state. 24 hours after the character became unconscious with this fever, they must succeed on a second DC 18 Fortidude save or die. If a character succeeds on this save, they experience a week of debilitating exhaustion with sporadic bouts of unconsciousness before recovery. This disease can be cured by a DC28+1 per additional hour of incubation after the initial 12 Heal check. This Heal check may be supported by others who have at least one rank in heal for their half their Wisdom modifier or +2 whichever is higher, and participants cannot contract this disease due to the abundance of positive energy created by the healing process. Survival of this disease grants full immunity to it after the week of recovery.

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