Strox (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Strox (Enter 'Ex', 'Ps', 'Sp', or 'Su' for parameter 'specialabilitytype')
Infection DC: 18
Incubation: 2d4 hours
Damage: Initial: 1d6 Minutes unconscious. Secondary: 1d6 days of fatigue

Injury from Infected Creature (usually Lizardfolk)

Lizardfolk are the most common carriers of Strox, due to it being a swamp disease. Any humanoid or monstrous humanoid can be affected, though only creatures with natural weapons can spread it (although creatures who do not have such weapons can still spread it from biting, like gnolls). Strox outbreaks are more common in tribes like gnolls, who may be close enough to lizardfolk to catch it, and barbaric enough to bite each other. Outbreaks in more civilized lands are more rare, but happen on a much larger scale when they do happen to occur.

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