Hemoptysis (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Hemoptysis (Enter 'Ex', 'Ps', 'Sp', or 'Su' for parameter 'specialabilitytype')
Infection DC: 24 (Inhalation of toxic fumes)
Incubation: 3 hours
Damage: Whenever under stress (combat, shouting, wounded), the player may cough up blood dealing 1d4 damage.

Hemoptysis commonly afflicts to those who frequently inhale poisonous fumes or suffer massive exposure at once. Alchemists and mages often suffer this disease due frequently inhaling various fumes while experimenting with potions. Like asthma, if breath rate increased too far above normal at the DM's discretion, the character's lungs may bleed and force them to cough up a significant quantity of blood. Due to it being more of an internal wound rather than a disease, only powerful healing spells can reverse the damage.

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