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Name: Tetanus (Ex)
Infection DC: 16 (Injury)
Incubation: 1 week
Damage: Paralysis (mouth), possible ability damage or death (2 weeks)

Tetanus is often mistakenly referred to as lockjaw, when this is really a complication of the disease. Tetanus causes temporary paralysis of the jaw muscles, a stiff neck, difficult swallowing, rigid leg and chest muscles, and may cause spasms that causes the back to arch dramatically. It is not caused by rusty nails, as common knowledge dictates, but by any contaminated object (which are infrequently rusting objects).

In this variation, the tetanus is transferred to the PC by a failed Heal check (DC 16), with the healer making his or her check and the PC making a separate Fortitude save to negate the disease if applicable. Tetanus causes the sufferer to lose the ability to speak well, so the PC takes a -10 penalty on all Cha-based skills, plus loses the ability to perform any other action that requires speaking (such as casting spells with a somatic component).

If the PC fails their check by more than 5 points, s/he is struck with 1d4 Str and 1d4 Dex damage from the rigidness of their muscles.

Tetanus is nonfatal in our modern day, but if left untreated it can cause death within 2 weeks.

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