Dragon Sickness (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Dragon Plague (Ex)
Infection DC: 36 Fortitude, or 18 Will (Ingested, Via Injury)
Incubation: 3 days-1 week
Damage: 1d6 will and intelligence per day, once either reaches zero, victim loses mind, and becomes a dragon.

Doesn't affect dragons, undead, or constructs. After 3 days of damage, gain a 2d8 fire, cold, poison, or lightning breath weapon. If intelligence hit zero first forget all languages and gain spell resistance equal to remaining will; if will hit zero first and victim has at least 5 intelligence they forget all languages and learns draconic, if at least 10 intelligence was remaining they stay sane. Stats are restored after draconification. Requires a DC20 Heal check before becoming dragon to cure. }}

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