Anthrax (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Anthrax (Ex)
Infection DC: 22 (Inhalation)
Incubation: 1-3 days
Damage: Nauseated or ability damage (1d6 Con), possible unconsciousness or death (2 weeks)

This is the pneumatic version of anthrax, not the subcutaneous. Anthrax has been around for many years, and was known as Woolpicker's disease or Ragpicker's disease (due to the prevalence of the illness coming from sheep's wool). Anthrax causes flu-like symptoms, then sudden respiratory collapse; it can also cause stomach ache and vomiting of blood, and bloody diarrhea.

If the PC fails the check by more than 5 points, s/he suffers the ability damage mentioned (1d6 Con) and falls unconscious.

If the PC fails the check by more than 10 points, s/he is considered dead.

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