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Name: Polio (Ex)
Infection DC: 24 (Contact, Inhalation, Ingestion)
Incubation: Varies
Damage: See description

Polio is also known as infantile paralysis. Around 97% of persons affected are suffering spinal problems from polio, which causes atrophy of the muscles (eventually paralyzing them), fever, muscle pain and loss of reflexes. Affecting most victims early in life, the legs and arms affected are useless, and serve as a withered reminder of the horror of disease.

Polio causes ability damage or nausea, paralysis or possible permanent ability loss. The variable incubation may range from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 months (depending on level of exposure).

If the PC fails the check by more than 5 points, s/he is considered nauseated, and suffers 1d6 Dex damage.

If the PC fails the check by more than 10 points, the affected limbs (legs or arms, DM's discretion) are considered paralyzed.

If the PC rolls a natural one, affected limbs are paralyzed, taking 1d6 DEX and 1d6 Str damage (permanent).

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