Curse of Servitude (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Curse of Servitude (Su)
Infection DC: DC 17 Inhaled
Incubation: 1 day
Damage: 1d6 Wis and 1d4 Cha

The curse of servitude infects any sentient non-outsider breathed on by some demons and devils (some demons and devils with a CR of at least 10 transmit this curse through their breath. Demons and devils with this ability have a CR of +1). Once an infected creature's Wisdom reaches 0, the creature walks to the closest large, non-living, stationary object and scratches the demon/devil's symbol (if it has no symbol then the creature carves the demon/devil's name). The creature ignores everyone unless they attack it. If someone attacks them, they savagely attacks them and sacrifices them to their new fiendish/demonic patron. This curse can be cured by a remove curse spell before their Wisdom reaches 0, but afterwords it can only be cured by a limited wish, wish, or miracle spell.

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