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Name: Syphilis (Ex)
Infection DC: 22 (Contact, Injury)
Incubation: Months, sometimes years
Damage: See description

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease also called great pox, cupid's disease, grandgore, Lues' disease, the black lion and many other names. Countries of the Middle Ages would blame one another for the illness, as the English calling it the French disease, the French calling it the Spanish disease, and the Italians calling it the English disease (and so on).

It causes skin lesions around the genitals and anywhere the contact with the diseased was, a reddish (non-itchy) rash may appear on body, fever, headache, sore throat, and weight loss. Sometimes, up to 50 years after inital infection, tumor-like balls will appear on the face and neck, joint disease becomes common, the personality changes and reflexes react hyper-actively, a shuffling gait is observed, and the head may bob while walking. After this, muscle weakness, sensory loss, numbness, vertigo, insomnia, psychosis and mania or depression may be seen.

Recommended usage: Adventurers will eventually retire, and once they have, the DM may inform them of the fast-forwarded symptoms of the disease. (Though not all players may approve or appreciate this.)

Other usage: Initial symptoms appear after a few months and disappear; months or years later the illness rears it's head again and causes 1d6 Con damage, temporary alignment change (the psychosis in this entry), and a temporary +4 to Reflex saves. Changes become permanent if the PC does not treat the illness.

Be wary of using any sexually transmitted diseases in your campaigns. The actions taken may alienate or disappoint players and turn them away from playing. Be safe, creative and have fun; only use sexually transmitted diseases when your players are aware of the possibility.

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