Standing Ovation (3.5e Disease)

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A brand-new infectee (on the right)
and an old hand (on the left).
Name: Standing Ovation (Ex)
Infection DC: 22 (Ingested)
Incubation: 1 hour
Damage: 1d3 Con and 1d4 Cha

One of the most sickening tortures applied by Nerukath on his victims is a specialized disease he affectionately calls "standing ovation": it forces the infected to scream at the top of his lungs, quickly deafening him and wrecking his windpipe, larynx and vocal chords. Eventually the victim drowns in his own blood.

Unlike normal diseases, saving throws must be made every hour after incubation. Each time the victim takes 2 or more Charisma damage from the disease, they will be unable to stop screaming for the next hour. If this happens twice in a row, the victim is permanently deafened. This disease is not contagious.

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