Foul Bloat (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Foul Bloat (3.5) (Su)
Infection DC: 18, Inhaled
Incubation: 2d4 days
Damage: 1d4 Charisma damage

This supernatural disease is akin to a miasma of malevolence formed when desecrated or unhallowed areas become awash with negative energy and are left to stagnate for some time (usually centuries). As such this disease most commonly appears in sealed crypts harboring powerful undead or powerful necromantic magical items that have become lost or sealed away. Characters infected with foul bloat become increasingly lethargic and torpid, suffering bouts of depression. As the disease progresses they feel increasingly withdrawn and tired as cold black colored masses begin to form upon their extremities and face. Worse yet when an infected creature has been infected for over one week with foul bloat the disease begins to attack their soul as well as their body. Once every week while a character is infected she must succeed on a Fortitude save DC 18 or suffer one negative level that cannot be removed until after the disease has been cured.

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