Somnucide (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Somnucide (Ex)
Infection DC: 18 (contact)
Incubation: 5 days
Damage: 1d4 str, 1d4 con, 1d6 int

This disease mainly effects people by preventing sleep. At first, it is just enough to be slightly iritating, then several hours less sleep, then days without sleep. after about 5 days, the lack of sleep is enough to start doing ability damage. When either Constitution or inteligence is reduced to zero, the character dies. Starting on day three after getting infected, the characters overall mood changes each day, eventually becoming hostile towards everyone.

It is spread through either contact with someone/something that has it (for instance many mushrooms have it, but are immune to it), or through food contamination by someone/something that has it. The Afflicted individual does not know it is a disease, simply a loss of sleep, until the damage starts to occur. It takes another character a heal check (DC 14 + number of days since contraction) to cure the disease, and cannot be healed alone. The damage is dealt every night, so that the character has to go through an entire day with the reduced score.

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