Giardia lamblia (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Giardia lamblia (Ex)
Infection DC: 12 (Injury, Contact)
Incubation: 1 week
Damage: Nauseated or exhausted, possibly helpless

Giardia is affectionally called "Beaver Fever" because it is commonly caused by beavers and contact with them. While it is nonfatal, It can cause excessive gas, vomiting after belching, foul-smelling and greasy-looking stool, bloating, nausea, explosive diarrhea, and violent vomiting. It is suffice to say that giardia is very unconfortable.

If the PC fails their check by more than 5 points, s/he is exhausted instead of nauseated.

If the PC fails their check by more than 10 points, s/he is considered helpless, but will recover after 1d3 days on his or her own.

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