Fossilflesh (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Fossilflesh (Ex)
Infection DC: 24 (Injury, Contact)
Incubation: 5-7 days
Damage: 1d3 str, 1d3 dex

This disease is known for its property to stiffen muscle, preventing its host's ability to take physical actions. A creature is infested with this disease once it touches another creature infested, or is injured by something that has made contact with it. It shows no trace during its incubation period, and after 5-7 days it makes its attack noticeable.

Once affected by the disease, the host has till either its strength score or its dexterity score drop to 0 before it is too late. Once it looses all of either strength or dexterity, it no longer gets a new fortitude save, and the disease stays leaving the host paralyzed. This disease can be removed by another individual. A heal check with DC of (20 + total points of Strength and Dexterity lost) can remove this plague, allowing natural recovery.

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