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Name: Pregnancy (Ex)
Infection DC: 25 (Contact)
Incubation: 10-17 days
Damage: See text

Pregnancy is a disease as much as a complication. Pregnancy only occurs in females. Pregnancy occurs in one of three ways: The Obvious, A divine blessing, or certain situations that cause the female to come in contact with the Pregnancy-causing cells. A pregnant female will most definitely cause another female to become pregnant from contact.

Pregnancy runs its course in 8-10 months. After Pregnancy runs its course, a Baby of Wonder appears.

Pregnancy manifests itself as weakness (1d2 strength damage per month) ravenous hunger (a character must eat twice as much in order to maintain nutrition) and aversion to certain foods (a character must make a DC 15 fortitude save or disgorge everything she just ate) fatigue, increased weight (add extra weight as the DM sees fit), bloating (taking a -5 penalty on Disguise checks) constant nausea, mood swings (taking a -2 penalty on diplomacy checks but gaining a +5 bonus on intimidate checks) and pain in the lower back, causing a -2 penalty on attack rolls. In the later months of pregnancy, contractions also occur, causing a character to wake up exhausted in the mornings, and take a -2 penalty on attack rolls from sheer discomfort in addition to the normal rules for exhaustion.

Finally, at the end of pregnancy's course, a character needs to find a place to rest constantly, as the Baby will be well on its way. During birth, the character must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save every round or take 1d2 points of lethal damage. If the damage reduces her to negative hit points, she dies, and the baby must make a DC 5 fortitude save or die with its mother. Birth takes nine rounds to complete. If a character survives the birth, she must make a DC 15 fortitude save or fall unconscious for 1d4 hours. Otherwise, she acts as if under a suggestion spell when she looks upon her child.

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