Cinder Sickness (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Cinder Sickness (Sp)
Infection DC: 18(Airborne, Contact)
Incubation: 2 Days to 1 Week
Damage: 1d4 Con, 1d4 Str, every day 1d6 damage that can not be healed until the disease is cured

Cinder Sickness is a disease spread from the Nine Hells into the Material Plane. Arriving through the same portal as a summoned devil, it infects those nearby and can quickly become an epidemic. During the initial infection there is only a high fever, however, after incubation tiny cinders and sparks begin coming out the mouth and eyes. As it progresses, these sparks and tiny flames begin coming out of holes in the skin, causing damage that can not be healed by standard methods. Unless cured, this will continue until the infected individual is consumed in a hellish inferno. Individuals with Cinder Sickness are a tell-tale sign of a recent devil summoning in an area.

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