Gnolt Rabies (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Gnolt Rabies (Ex)
Infection DC: 35(Injury), 18(Ingested)
Incubation: 1-4 days
Damage: 1d4 Int damage.

Gnolt Rabies is an intense, mind and body damaging disease that doesn't actually kill the host directly but has been responsible for dark history in more than a few locations. Upto 4 days after conflict with a contagious creature, or the consummation of poisoned fruit, the PC takes 1d4 points of Intelligence damage. 2nd day symptoms: 1 point of Int damage, 1 Point Strength bonus, 15% faster healing, need to eat 4 times a day. 3rd day symptoms: 2 points of Int damage, 25% faster healing, need to eat 6 times a day, can only eat raw meat. 4th day symptoms: 1 point of Int damage, 1 point strength bonus, need to eat 8 times a day. etc If the infected misses more than 1 meal requirement in a day they take 1d4 con damage.

If an infected corpse becomes the nutrients for a fruit bearing plant, the fruit will become infected. Infected fruit is hard but edible

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