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Survelem, Purveyor of Darkness[edit]

Alignment. Lawful evil
Domains. Light, death
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

An ominous shadow given a face and voice best describes Survelem. He is often depicted as a shadowy mass with a single pale mask which bleeds from the eyes and mouth. Survelem is depicted as both male and female, depending where one looks, leading people to believe Survelem lacks a definitive gender portrayal. It is said that, behind the mask, is a terrifying eldritch face. A lot of the frightening things in the world, from insects, serpents, and aberrant beings, are said to be of his design. While Tribore is often cited to be the creator of magic for mortals, Survelem is often credited as the origin of necromancy in all its forms. Survelem's blessings are known to be able to allow undead to bypass barriers like that erected by the Sacred Trees of Darakan'ta. It is theorized that Survelem might have ties to the uncreated, similar to Charylt.

Avatar: Sfarchknein[edit]

Sfarchknein is a bit of a bogeyman figure in the nations of Hagai and northwesternmost Premius. According to legend, Sfarchknein was a singular person, usually alleged to be male, but always obscured with a heavy dark cloak and wrappings on his head of white hair. It was only by his voice that people say Sfarchknein was male, as his face was always partially obscured in shadow due to his hair and the wrappings on his head. The name Sfarchknein is from the local Otodonoye dialect of orc tongue. It does not have a direct translation, but roughly means "refuses to die." Exactly as it sounds, Sfarchknein was unable to be killed

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