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Members of this group do not get top-notch spells quickly, but they have other abilities to make up for their reduced progress.

Homebrew Moderate Spellcasting Prestige Classes
Name Rating1 (out of 20) Type2 Description3 Len-
Min. Level5
3.5e Prestige Classes NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Animal Soul NR Moderate Spellcasting Some find themselves drawn to certain animals. Some have a bond so strong they eventually become part of that animal. And sometimes, that animal is really weird. 10 6
Arachnomancer NR Moderate Spellcasting The Arachnomancer is a spellcaster atuned to the powers of spiderkind. 10 4
Arcane Archer, Spellcasting Variant 13 Moderate Spellcasting An Arcane Archer who gives up some attack bonus in return for spellcasting 10 6
Arcane Hunter NR Moderate Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting The stormtroopers of the Arcane Order are the Arcane Hunters. They pick up the people or beasts that get a warrant on their heads from the Arcane Order 10 5
Arcane Mentalist NR Moderate Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Prepared Spellcasting A Wizard who uses magic and various other tools to expand their mind. 5 7
Arcane Sniper NR Moderate Spellcasting Arcane Snipers specialize in the use of the pistol and the rifle, trading their spellcasting proficiency for the ability to imbue bullets with magical effects. 10 6
Archer of Artifice NR Moderate Spellcasting Those that follow the path of the Archer of Artifice are feared in combat due not only to their abilities to infuse magical spells directly into their arrows, but also due to the superiority of their magically-enhanced equipment in all regards. 5 5
Assassin of the Dagger of Light NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting Good themed Assassin with some focus on spellcasting and better silent movement. 10 5
Bard of the Secret Chord NR Good Guy, Bard Good bards that use their heavenly music to purify the souls of others. 10
Baron of the Grave 20 Bad Guy, Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting The divine hand of the undead, the royalty and master of the undead, and the blurring of line between life and death. 10 5
Battlemage 9 Moderate Spellcasting, Combat-Focused The Battlemage is a spellcaster who has mastered the art of melding might and magic 10 5
Blackguard, Variant 15 Bad Guy, Moderate Spellcasting A variant of the SRD Blackguard 10 6
Bladesinger NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Champion of Nature NR Moderate Spellcasting <.> 10 15
Cheerleader NR Skilled, April Fools, Moderate Spellcasting, Separate Spellcasting Give me a B! Give me an A! Give me an R! Give me a D! Bards who focus on supporting through dance and song can find their efforts rewarded as a cheerleader (or marching leader for a more manly look on it). 10 5
Cottage Witch NR Moderate Spellcasting A cottage witch is one who has built and occupied a cottage and been accepted by the local populace. By doing so she gains powers over the local landscape, populace, flora and fauna, as well as crafting and casting bonuses whilst inside her cottage. 10 8
Dabbler of All Kinds/Ultimate Theurge NR akin to the mystic theurge or celebremancer, but this one aims to combine all magic systems WotC has released, psionics, truename magic, shadow magic, vestige binding, essentia / chakra binding, arcane magic, divine magic, and is good at none of them 10
Dark Flame Disciple NR Strong Spellcasting, Supernatural Abilities, Extraordinary Abilities, Spellcasters infused with the power of The Black Flame Dragon God Fairnedahlk[[1]] 10 5
Death Disciple NR Evil/Neutral Necromancer. Caster Focus. A dark being who demands and requires the absolute dominion of undead, becoming like one them selves and gaining a familiar before long that is too undead. 10 10
Deathwright NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Holy paladins enforcing the will of Modroben by destroying undead, deathwrights are vengeful defenders of life and death, and are known for seeking out the most powerful and vile kinds of necromancers. 10 7
Defender of Destiny NR Moderate Spellcasting Defenders of destiny believe everyone in the world has its own path to follow. Some people stray from their path, and it’s their duty to lead them back to their destiny, with force. 10 5
Desert Dreamwalker NR Combat-Focused, Separate Spellcasting, Two-weapon fighting Some find themselves among those few who can not only enter the world of dreams, but can manipulate both that world and the waking world, even when awake. They can use these powers combined with their martial prowess to both cut through enemies and aid allies. 10 5
Devoted Warsinger NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Disciple of the Seven Deadly Sins NR Moderate Spellcasting, Bad Guys Those who master the dark arts of their own darkness. 5 Variable
Diva NR Bad Guy, Skilled 10 Levels version of Dirgesinger prestige class from Libris Mortis: The Book of the Dead 10 6
Divine Knight NR Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting Blessed knights are chosen by their church, and they draw on their divinely given power to perform devastating attacks channeled through their weapon. 10 6
Dragonologist NR Moderate Spellcasting Dragonologists study the nature of the dragons and want to seek draconic powers through this learning. They try to earn a dragon's trust and live with that dragon, learning and becoming stronger with the dragon himself. 10 5
Dragoon, 3rd Variant NR Combat-Focused, Skilled, Moderate Spellcasting PrC designed based off of the Dragoons from 'Legend of Dragoon' game from the PS1, an alternative compared to another's. 10 3rd
Dread Hunter NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Bad Guy The ultimate ranger, the most studied hunter: A Ranger prestige class that grants dreadful and baneful powers that make slaying Favored Enemies simpler than swinging a mace. 3 11
Drumblack NR Good Guy Drumblacks are highly-trained bards chosen to wield a very powerful magic, allowing them to cast spells through the intonations of percussion instruments, some of which can be heard for miles. 10 7
Eagle Rider NR Moderate Spellcasting Eagle Riders were trained as Druids, learning to love and fully understand their animal companions. Eagle Rides have a close connection to their eagles, and they learn how to ride eagles better than anyone else every could. 10 6
Ether Engineer NR ,,,, Through the lens of you knowledge and skill as an Engineer, you perceive the world and its magic. 5 Although there is no specific level requirement, the Skill ranks requirements effectively bars any character under 3rd level from taking levels in this Class.
Fae Arcanite NR Ranged Combat, Arcane Caster Learn to be a sneaky fey sniper 10 5
Faerglissal NR Moderate Spellcasting A powerful drow warlock who taps the Underdark for power. 10 5
Feymage NR Moderate Spellcasting Feymages are spellcasters of fey or elven race who choose to develop and enhance the skills, affinity with nature, and innate magical characteristics inherent in their fey heritage. 10 5
Flying Archer 19 Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting An archer who takes to the air and rains down death from the skies. 10 6
Fury Mage NR Moderate Spellcasting, Combat Focused Fury Mages learn to channel rage into their spells. 10 5
Fury Scion NR Moderate Spellcasting Warlocks who heed the true call of their hearts come to channel their rage into blasts instead of just their fists. If ever rubbed the wrong way, their torrent of power made of a mixture of magical and physical nature could humble a rampaging Orc. 10 6
Gold Templar NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting An escort of healers, and server of those in need of healing and protection 10 5
Grafter 19 Moderate Spellcasting A master of alchemical, organic magic items that are bonded to the bodies of applicants, the grafter delves into strange research that pushes the boundaries of magical item creation. 10 5
Green Whisperer NR Spellcaster, Arcane/Divine Nature speaks and the green whisperer listens. The green whisperer is attuned to nature and the wisdom of animals. 5 5
Guild Adventurer NR Moderate Spellcasting, Skilled The Guild Adventurer are those who spend their time among stalwarts learning from the best and the lucky. They find hints and secrets that many may accidentally drop from time to time, and use them well. 7 5
Hedge Mage NR Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting A journeyman honing his craft while he searches for a suitable location for his tower. 6 4
Hedge Witch NR Moderate Spellcasting A journeywoman witch, honing her skills while searching for a suitable location to build her cottage. 6 4
Hellwalker NR Moderate Spellcasting A wanderer of the lower planes. 5 5
Holy Knight, Andreichekov NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Domain Caster Paladin with access to domains. 5 levels. 8 levels of Paladin.
Hunter of Evil NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Illusionary Weapons Master 20 Moderate Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting The illusionary weapons master is a spellcaster who specializes in illusions, and can create illusions so realistic that they actually border on reality. They use this to cast superior illusion spells and create fearsome illusion weapons with which they can vanquish a large array of foes. 10 5
Ioun Master NR Spell Caster The Ioun Master has unlocked the true abilities of Ioun Stones, he my use them as weapons and gain further abilities form them.
Iron Templar NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Good Guy Paladins who master the forge and siege warfare. 10 5
Kamahl Acolyte NR Good guy, Neutral Followers of the hero, Kamahl
Keeper of the Eternal Flame NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Holy warriors of light and fire 10 5
Kender Ninja NR Combat Focused, Skilled The Kender Ninja, one of the deadliest warrior forces known to man. Said to move like ghosts and kill quietly like assassins, the Kender Ninja are dangerous foes. 10 --
Knight of the Moon NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting A paladin/sorcerer combination with the ability to cast spells and attack in the same round. 10 5
Knight of the Morning Sky NR Moderate Spellcasting, Good Guy Warriors who combat the undead. 10 5
Lava General NR Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Forged by fire and covered in magma, the Lava General uses an army of flaming soldiers and extreme heat to dominate the front lines. 10 8
Leaf Ninja 14.5 Combat-Focused Ninja from Village Hidden in the Woods. 10 5
Livemetal Adept NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Use arcane power to become a construct. Perhaps what the green Star Adept should have been. 10 5
Lunar Champion 19.5 Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting Martial adepts dedicated to routing out members of Shar's church, especially Shadow Knights of Shar. 10 5
Maestro of the Arts NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Mage Blade NR Moderate Spellcasting, Separate Spellcaster Spell and blade all are known to the mage blade 10 6
Mage Lord NR Moderate Spellcasting, Separate Spellcasting Bonded with a witch lady, he is freed to delve deep into his arcane craft. 10
Mage Smith NR Moderate Spellcasting, Separate Spellcasting A magician who has erected his tower, and who now devotes much of his time to researching and smithing items to channel his arcane and psionic powers. 10 7
Magical Girl (Arcane) NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Magic With bound focus in hand, the Magical Girl conjures her armour and throws herself into the fight for what she thinks is right. 10 5
Mechanus Signifer NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 5 7
Nature Guardian NR Modrate Spell-caster <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Oozebound NR Transformational An updated and altered form of the Oozemaster, you slowly transform into a being of slime. 10 5
Palutena's Warrior NR Combat-Focused Palutena, goddess of light grants great power to those who show a love for life, and an affinity for her style of fighting. These warriors do not have the Paladin-like vendetta against evil, but focus more on protecting the innocent from harm. This does not mean that they are afraid to get their hands dirtied in combat, however, as Palutena grants them the ability to defend themselves and those around them. 11 5
Pontifex Sanctus NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Possessor NR Support/Combat A fierce and unpredictable combatant. Five. 9th.
Prestidigitator 20 Moderate Spellcasting Using Prestidigitation, this PrC adds flavor to their spellcasting that will impress any king, noble, or villager; and by impressing the people they are sure to get help with many things they want. 10 3
Presto NR Specialized Spell casting Specializing in the spell Prestidigitation which gives you uncanny possibilities with this spell. 5 7
Presto Lite NR Specialized Spell casting Specializing in the spell Prestidigitation which gives you uncanny possibilities with this spell. 5 7
Protector Judge NR Combat-Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10 5
Psychostazi Enforcer NR Moderate Spellcasting A Enforcer of the laws of the underdark. 10 5
Renewer NR Moderate Spellcasting Renewers dedicate themselves to restoring the bounty the land once knew. Considered somewhat radical by other druids, the Renewers have committed themselves to fighting against mutated natural creatures and aberrations. 10 7
Rhinoceros Rider NR Mounted combat, rangerlike. Specializes in mounted combat on a rhinoceros and gains some of the beast's powers over time. 10 9
Rock Star NR Moderate Spellcasting, Skilled Lords of funk who use the power of their voice and instruments to decimate the opposition. They rebel against authority of any kind, refusing to give up their personal freedoms for any reason. 10 7
Ruatharian Beastmaster NR Spellcaster, Skilled, Combat Focused A beastmaster feels more at home among the animals of nature than fellow sentient beings. Over time, these wanderers earn the special friendship of the elven folk for their to exemplary servitude of nature, thus Ruatharian Beastmaster is born. 5 5
Sacred Blacksmith NR Spontaneous Spellcaster, Skilled A Sacred Blacksmith is a forger and crafter that has mastered his work. 15
Saint NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Shadowborn Archer NR Moderate Spellcasting, Separate Spellcasting A shadowborn Archer is a Drow archer who, due to the dark side of the drow mentality, has an obsession with spiders, yet is somehow unable to become a cleric of lolth. 6 3
Skald NR Combat-Focused, Partial Spellcasting A skald combines the support abilities of a bard with the combat prowess of a barbarian. 10 5
Spellsword NR "Moderate Spellcasting, Combat-Focused" "The dream of melding magic and weapon play is fulfilled in the person of the spellsword. 20 5
Spy NR Skilled, Master of Infiltration and assassination. 5
Staffmage NR Moderate Spellcasting Some spellcasters wield their staff as something more than a weapon. They see in their staff a powerful ally in battle and a tool for spellcasting. 10 8
Stormbringer NR Good Guy, Spellcasting-Focused An 'enhancement' class usually used by paladins which allows them to learn damaging spells as spell-like abilities WITHOUT losing their ability to gain further levels as paladins. 5 5
Strider 18.25 Skill Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting A rogue uses his environment to sneak around and remain unseen. A Strider uses his background in druid to make his environment usable. 10 6
Tartaric Wizard 13 Combat & Moderate Spellcasting A Tartaric Wizard is strong and can use a weapon quite well, and can cast dangerous spells, making him good for people who like magic and might.
Team-Killing F*cktard NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The most hated of all warriors; the kind that kills their own teammates and are too stupid to do anything about it. 3 5th
Time Mage NR Moderate Spellcasting A Dexterity based Spellcaster who focuses on bending time. 10 3
Titan Disciple NR Combat Focused, Barbarian, Spellcasting Titan's are powerful beings of emotion and magic. A Titan Disciple is someone that taps into a Titan ancestry to gain power. 10
Triclopean Planeshifter NR Moderate Spellcasting A master of planar travel: "the Opener of Worlds" 5 9
Twilight Artificer NR Moderate Spellcasting By spending long hours under the stars forging arms and armor, the Twilight Artificers have learned to tap in to the very essence of magic and combine it with the flames of their forge. 5 5
Twilight Warrior NR Moderate Spellcasting Through deep concentration under the stars, the Twilight Warriors have learned to tap in to the very essence of magic and imbue their weapons with the power of the stars. 5 5
Vengeance Sworn NR Combat Focused, The vengeance sworn are relentless, implacable foes, hurling themselves against their draconic enemies armed only with steel weapons and bitter fury. 10
Warper NR Moderate Spellcaster Warp the three dimensions to assist allies' attacks! 10 10
Warper, Truenamer NR Moderate Spellcaster A Truenamer who specialises in using Truespeak to warp reality. 10 10
Weeping Knight NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Weeping Knights are holy warriors who disavow killing. 10 5
Whipsinger NR Combat-Focused Bards that choose to specialize with a whip are able to master the flowing grace of the weapon, turning it into a whirling dance. 5 5
Witch Lady NR Moderate Spellcasting The witch lady is one who is bonded with a mage lord and has established an estate around his tower, greatly enhancing her skills, spells and powers. 10 18
Wolf Rider NR Moderate Spellcasting Rangers and Druids become Wolf Riders, learning to embraces the wild nature of their wolf mounts. They excel at archery, and their moutns gain nifty bonuses and special attacks as they level up. 10 4
Wordsman NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting The Wordsman combines the power of words with the power of swords (or other weapons) 10 4
  1. Shows the rating other users have given the PrC out of 20. Unrated PrCs are labeled "NR" and not fully rated PrCs are labeled "NFR". The rating is from the actual PrC's page; it is not made on this page. Follow the following link to learn more: Rating System.
  2. A general category the PrC fits into. e.g. Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused, etc.
  3. A concise description of the PrC, should advertise the PrC.
  4. The length is the amount of levels the PrC is made for. e.g. 10, 5, 3.
  5. The minimum number of levels possible to meet the PrCs requirements.
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